Xbox One Repairs To All Models

We do Xbox One repairs to all Xbox One models, the Xbox One Original, Xbox One S and the Xbox One X.

As with all our other parts, we also import our own quality parts to do all our Xbox One repairs.

Xbox One Repairs

Here are just some of the Xbox One repairs we do:

  • Xbox One not coming on at all and is just dead.
  • Xbox One coming on, but then just going off again.
  • Xbox One HDMI port damaged and needs replacement.
  • Xbox One comes on and stays on, but gives no picture on the TV or screen.
  • Xbox One not reading games or discs.
  • Xbox One not taking or ejecting discs.
  • Xbox One giving an error on the screen or TV.
  • Xbox One software problems.
  • Xbox One not installing update properly.
  • Xbox One USB port or ports not working at all.
  • Xbox One LAN port not working.
  • Xbox One WiFi not working properly.
  • Xbox One hard drive replacement.
  • Xbox One hard drive upgrades.
  • Xbox One yearly service.
  • And much, much more.

How long do Xbox One repairs take?

We can do most of your Xbox One repairs within an hour or less, it just depends on what the problem is with your Xbox One.

If we need to do fault finding before we can start the repair, it takes longer, or if there is something on the main board itself that needs to be replaced.

We would then recommend that you leave it with us, and we will usually have it done, within 2 to 7 working days at the most.

Do I get a warranty on my Xbox One Repairs?

We don’t think a normal warranty is good enough, we give you a 3 month money back warranty on your Xbox One repairs.

As long as your Xbox One repair falls under our warranty terms and if your Xbox One comes back with the same problem within the warranty period.

And we can’t repair it again, we will give you a full refund on what the repair cost you.

This is awesome and takes the risk out of doing repairs with us here at Console Service Centre.

You can rather put that money back towards buying a new Xbox One again, this is just our way to help you.

How much do Xbox One repairs usually cost?

The pricing on our Xbox One repairs start at R725.00, as it would depend on what’s wrong with your Xbox One, and what needs to be replaced?

We usually say that 85% of our gaming repairs cost less that what a new popular game would cost you today.

Come directly to us

To check the status to see if you can come to us directly, please visit our contact us page first, just Click Here

If you have any other questions about Xbox One repairs, please call us on 087 550 2307.

Collection service

If you want us to book a collection from you, we can do so on our courier account.

Visit our collection page here

Xbox One still under warranty?

If your Xbox One is still under warranty, we can still do the repair for you, and it will be much quicker.

Please note that we would obviously charge for the repair, and your warranty will be void through Microsoft.

If you want to repair your Xbox One through Microsoft, get the process started by clicking here.

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