Attention all parents!

We don Xbox One repairs to all Xbox One models, from the Xbox One Original, to the S and X models.

We know how it feels when the kids have nothing to do and they can’t even play games on their Xbox One console, because it’s broken.

For this reason, we do repairs on all gaming consoles fast!

Here’s just a small list of all Xbox One repairs we do:

  • Power problems
  • No visuals on the TV or screen
  • HDMI port replacement
  • Error codes showing up on the screen
  • Not reading games or discs
  • Hanging in the menu or games
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Main board repairs
  • And much more

To get support or pricing on our Xbox One repairs, start by selecting the Xbox One you have.

How much do Xbox One Repairs Cost In South Africa?

The costs on Xbox One repairs are between R650.00 and R2200.00, it all depends on what Xbox model you have, and then also what repair needs to be done, if it just a part that can be swapped our quickly or if there is a main board repair that needs to be done on your Xbox One.

How long do Xbox One repairs take?

90% of Xbox One repairs can be done while you wait, or less than 24 hours, is all depends if it just a part that can be swapped out quickly, or if we need to do fault find, to then do the repair.

If we need to do fault finding, or you book your Xbox One in with us when it’s our busy season, the repair can take 3 to 7 work days.

Do I get a warranty on my Xbox One repair?

Yip, but even better, we give you a 6 month money back warranty on all our repairs, and a 7 day satisfaction guarantee.

So if you had to come back with the same problem again, within the 6 months, and the repair falls under our warranty terms, you will get a full refund on the repair amount you paid.

We would rather have you put that money towards, buying a replacement console again.

We only use quality parts in all our Xbox One repairs, that’s why we know we can give you a 6 month money back warranty.

What if my Xbox One is still under warranty?

If your Xbox console is still under the 1 year warranty, please support Microsoft by clicking here

They will swap out your Xbox One for another one, as long as it’s still under the 1 year warranty, and it’s never been opened before, and the warranty seal is still on the Xbox.

Can I do a insurance claim on my Xbox One repair?

If your insurance company has asked you to get a assessment letter for your Xbox One repairs, we can help you out. We do proper insurance assessments, but we need to physically see the Xbox One and do assessment, before we can do a assessment letter for you.

Please contact your insurance for more info.

Can you collect and delivery my Xbox One repair again?

Since 2011 we have been collecting and delivering Xbox One consoles for repairs all over South Africa, no matter where you are, and there’s no upfront costs to you.

To book a collection for your Xbox One repair, Click Here

Let’s get your Xbox One repairs done for you fast, and get you back to gaming again, call us now on 087 550 2307

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