why is my ps4 not turning on

Why is my PS4 not turning on?

If you have the problem where your PS4 does not turn on or it might even turn on for a few seconds and then just turns off again, it could be a few different problems.

The most common problem is the power supply that has blown and will need to be replaced with another one.

Here are a few things you can try to fix the problem where your PS4 is not coming on:

  1. Plug all the cables out the back of the PS4 itself and have nothing plugged in, even if you have something plugged into the USB port, plug them out.
  2. Leave all the cables out of the PS4 console for about 10 minutes, this will help all the capacitors in the power supply and on the PS4 main board discharge.
  3. After ten minutes, plug everything back in again and see if the PS4 then powers up normally again.

If this didn’t work and your PS4 is still not turning on, try a different plug point in the house, or a different adapter or even a completely different power cable that goes to your PS4 console.

If your PS4 beeps but doesn’t come on

If you push the power button on your PS4 and it just makes the beeping sound like it wants to come on and then just goes straight off again, try switching it on straight away again.

If you push the power button straight away after it goes off and nothing happens and you don’t even get the beeping sound again, there is a very good chance this is the power supply itself.

If you plug the power cable out of the PS4 and leave it our for a minute or so and plug it in again, try switching it on again.

If it then does the same thing where it makes a beep and then just shuts down again, then it’s definitely the power supply itself that is faulty.

Replacing the power supply yourself

I don’t recommend buying and replacing the power supply in your PS4 yourself, it might look very simple to do in the YouTube videos but it can turn into a disaster very quickly.

The most common thing we see when trying to replace it yourself is that people pull the connector that goes from the power supply into the main board, off the main board completely.

If you don’t plug out the cable on the main board side out very carefully, you will pull it off the main board itself, and lift the tracks.

Once this happens it becomes costly for us to do the repair, as we will need to trace the tracks and re-solder the connector back to the board again.

Getting the correct power supply model

This is the other big problem we see when someone buys their own power supply somewhere to replace it.

The PS4 Original, Slim and Pro all have different power supplies, and every PS4 Original, Slim or Pro also has about 2 or 3 different power supply models too.

Make 100% sure you order the correct power supply, and that you get a power supply with the correct voltage for your PS4 console.

Don’t get scammed when buying a PS4 power supply.

When we started in 2011, we went through 7 different suppliers before we found someone legit.

We used to place orders with companies, pay for the order and just never receive our stock, we were scammed.

By the time we found out it was too late.

Other suppliers would send stuff, and half of the items we received were completely wrong or didn’t even work at all.

Once they have their money they don’t care.

What if I order a power supply for my PS4 and it doesn’t work?

Take a look at the terms and conditions of the supplier’s website, 99% of the time they will not replace or exchange it.

They will state in their terms that only a professional should do the replacement and they will not exchange it otherwise.

The power supplies are not cheap, so the risk of buying one and it doesn’t work is not worth it.

Let us replace your PS4 power supply for you.

There are going to be times that it’s not your power supply that is faulty, then you have already spent money on a power supply you ordered and still need to pay for another repair too.

It’s too risky.

Let’s do a free assessment for you, it really only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

We will change out the power supply and see if it’s just the power supply that faulty, then you know that this is all that’s wrong.

And you would probably get the power supply replaced by us for much cheaper than you could buy it for, without the long wait too.

Can anything else have blown too?

The simple answer is yes, we have had about 70% of PS4 consoles that come in for a power supply and there are other problems too.

The most common problem is the HDMI IC on the main board that is also blown.

The HDMI IC is a component on the main board that controls the HDMI side of the PS4 and also filters out the colours to the HDMI port.

What happens is you switch the PS4 on and it stays on, but you get no picture on the TV at all.

Often you will just get a white light across the top of the PS4 or at the power button, depending on your PS4 model.

If this is the case, we will also need to replace the HDMI IC for you too, we will always give you a discount on the repair, to keep the costs down.

Get the estimate cost to replace your PS4 power supply.

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