Why does my PS4 turn off by itself

Why does my PS4 turn off by itself?

This is a question we get very often when someone calls in or emails us, and can the problem where the PS4 just turns off by itself even be repaired?

The answer to the second half of the question is, yes it can be repaired.

The answer to the main question, why does your PS4 switch off by itself is a little more complex.

The PS4 usually turns off by itself either if there is a problem with the power supply itself or a component on the main board is faulty.

What you can do if it is the power supply

  1. Plug all the cables out of the PS4 itself, power cable HDMI cable and any USB cables.
  2. Leave the PS4 unplugged from everything for about 10 minutes.
  3. Plug everything back in again and see if the PS4 comes on and stays on now.

If it stays on and boots up normally, the problem should be sorted out now.

What often happens is the PS4’s power supply just needs to discharge and reset itself.

If this did not work and the PS4 still turns off by itself, there could be a problem with the power supply itself.

This generally means you will need to get the power supply replaced, this can be done very quickly and only takes about 10 minutes to do.

Remember at the beginning I also said it can be components on the main board that could be faulty too?

What components can be faulty?

The most obvious component is the main processor, if it is then we call this problem the “Blue Light of Death”

If this is the problem, the main processor cannot just be replaced, it will need to be removed from the main board then re-balled and reattached to the main board again.

This entire process is done with a BGA machine and a stencil to re ball the main processor.

If it is just a component on the main board shorting out or blown making the PS4 turn off by itself.

The power circuit will need to be traced and all the components on the circuit tested and replaced.

This takes time, skill and the correct components to replace the faulty ones with, usually there are a few small components that blow along the circuit.


If you are going to buy a power supply and replace it yourself:

  1. Make sure you get the correct power supply for your PS4 model, all models come with different power supplies, the PS4 Pro has 3 different power supplies.
  2. Make sure the place where you buy a power supply will return it or refund you, there is a good chance it’s not the power supply and if it’s not, you just wasted your money on a power supply.

It’s better to rather bring the PS4 in so we can see why it is just turning off by itself, it takes us about 10 to 15 minutes to diagnose the problem and what needs to be done.

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