PS4 Repair Problems

Stop your power supply from blowing in your gaming consoles

The problem with a gaming console is that the power supply is very sensitive and can blow with the slightest power fluctuations.

Over the years we have found that gaming console power supplies blow or get faulty due to dust build up, lightning damage, power surges or load shedding from power companies.

In this article I will tell you what you can do to prevent damage to your gaming consoles power supply via one of these problems that can happen to or in your home.

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Problem 1: Dust build up in your gaming console.

Most people think that you can just blow out your gaming console a few times a year, and all will be fine after that?

This is not true, well in most cases.

You see, most people don’t actually strip their gaming consoles down to the main board itself, and then clean every part of the console separately.

Most people just take of the top cover or bottom covers, then blow out all the dust.

This does help get rid of surface dust, but a lot of that dust you blowing around eventually ends up inside the parts of your gaming console, or in between the components of the main board or worse the power supply and hard drive.

Dust is conductive and when dust ends up between two components, it creates a short circuit between components and eventually blows the components inside the power supply and other parts in the gaming consoles.

Here’s some pictures of how much dust build up is inside a PS4 console, just in the heat sink itself:

As you can see from the picture above, the dust turns into fluff eventually, and that is really conductive and will blow your components on the main board or inside the power supply or other parts of the gaming console.

So don’t just take the covers off your gaming consoles and then blow it out, this fluff in the picture will just go inside other components in the gaming console.

Problem 2: Lightning damage.

Surge protector plugs don’t help with lightning, and neither does a UPS, we will get to the UPS in problem number 3.

We have found that lightning gets to your gaming console either via the power cord, or the HDMI or A/V port, if you have a older gaming consoles and don’t use HDMI.

If you have an external TV aerial, a satellite dish or even maybe you have a router in the house connected to a telephone line or ADSL, the lightning can come through one of these items.

We usually find that the lightning travels through the TV to the gaming consoles that’s connected to it, then it either blows out the power supply, or damages the HDMI circuit in the gaming consoles itself.

If you connected to your router via a LAN cable, and that router is connected to any copper line outside your house, the lightning can also travel through the router and LAN cable to your gaming console.

If the lightning comes through the electricity lines in your house, it will still effect the gaming console, either via the power cord, the LAN cable or even the HDMI cable connected to the TV.

This is why we say that a power surge plug or a UPS will not protect your gaming console from a lightning strike, unless it comes through the power side of the gaming consoles.

Even then the power surge plugs or UPS don’t always help.

Problem 3: Power surges

With a power surge, a UPS or power surge protector or plug can help you out, but it’s also not guaranteed.

Even though I say that, I still recommend using either one of them, and if you have a little more to spend, rather buy a UPS, they do the best job.

If you don’t have the resources right now to buy any of them, the best option is to plug your gaming console out when you not using it, like when you at work or school.

Just remember that a power surge can happen, while using the console too?

Here in South Africa this is a very common problem, as the government owns the power utility and they don’t produce enough power to give the whole country.

So they will shut the power off in certain area’s at certain times, it’s actually rolling black out and not load shedding, but that’s another story for another day 🙂

So with these black outs in your area, when the power is restored, it often caused a spike in the power supply to your house.

This is just like the previous problem, when you will get a power surge in electricity to your home.

And that will ultimately damage the power supply in your gaming consoles, and eventually it will fail.

Why are all these problems not effecting my other household items?

As I mentioned before, the power supplies in gaming consoles are very sensitive to any power fluctuations, especially in the newer gaming consoles.

We find that the older fat PS3 consoles, or even the first Xbox 360 consoles, almost never have a problem where their power supplies are blown.

Since 2011, we have problem replaced about 8 PS3 fat power supplies till now.

On the newer PS4 and Xbox One consoles, we do hundreds every year, the newer gaming consoles have much weaker power supplies and don’t like any power fluctuations.

If I have any of these problems, can it be repaired?

Yes they can, if the power supply is blown you can replace it or let us replace it for you.

If there are components faulty on the main board, they can be replaced and the gaming console will work again.

To get a cost of any of the repairs or problems you have, click on the button below to select your gaming console type, then select the problem to see the cost.

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