Xbox 360 Repairs Gauteng

If you having problems with your Xbox 360 console like, red light at the power button, disc drive not opening or closing problems or even if it not reading your discs, we can help you out.

Even if you not in the Gauteng area

If you not in the Gauteng area, we can still collect your Xbox 360 for repair, no matter where you are in South Africa for a small fee.

We have been collecting our customers repairs all over South Africa since 2011.

If you are in the Gauteng area, we can collect and deliver back to you again for free.

How long does a Xbox 360 repairs take?

If you come directly to us here in Boksburg, Xbox 360 repairs generally take an hour to do, if the problem is going to take longer than an hour, it needs to go into the repair queue.

In this case we will delivery your Xbox 360 back to you for free anywhere in the Gauteng area.

How much does a repair cost on Xbox 360 consoles?

Xbox 360 Repairs cost less than what it costs to buy a new popular game today. if there is more than one repair that needs to be done, we will give you a discount on your Xbox 360 repairs.

How to get a estimate cost on your Xbox 360 repairs

The system will send you a automated estimate to your email address 24hr 7 days a week.

Simply select the Xbox 360 model you have below, then on the next screen select the problem, then give us a few details and you will receive a estimate cost in your inbox straight away.

If you have another problem not listed on the next page, just scroll down to the bottom of the problems page and select other problem not listed, we will then send you a estimate on your Xbox 360 repair during office hours.

If your Xbox is still under warranty

If you Xbox 360 is still under the 1 warranty, you can contact Xbox support by clicking here.

There is a very slim chance that your Xbox 360 console will still be under warranty, as they haven’t sold them for a few years now.