Sony PS4 Repair Service

We offer a PS4 repair service for all models, the PS4 Original, PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro

Sony PS4 Repair Service

How long do PS4 repairs take?

Our Sony PS4 repair service usually takes between 1 hour and 7 working days or less, this will all depend on the repair we need to do on your PS4 console.

If it’s just a surface part we need to swap out and you come to us directly, the repair will generally only take about an hour.

By surface part, we mean that any part that is faulty and we just need to take the covers off to replace it is a quick repair.

If we need to take out other parts and repair or replace a part like inside the CD Drive or on the mainboard itself. can take longer.

If this is the case your repair will go into the repair queue, if we don’t have too many repairs your PS4 will still be repaired within the same day.

It all depends on how many repairs we have in the queue at that time.

Where can I get my PS4 repaired?

This will all depend on if your PS4 is still under the 12 month warranty period or not?

If your PS4 is still under the 12 month warranty period you can click here to go to the PlayStation support page.

Please just bear in mind, in South Africa Sony doesn’t repair your PS4, they will swap it out for a refurbished one with a new 3-month warranty.

This means that you will lose all your data on your hard drive as you cannot just swap hard drives from your old one to the refurbished one.

This really doesn’t make any sense? Even if it’s just something simple like the HDMI port on your PS4 that’s faulty, they going to replace the whole console for a refurbished one.

If your PS4 is out of warranty or you don’t want to lose your data if your console is still under warranty, then we can help you here at Console Service Centre.

Please bear in mind that if your PS4’s hard drive or software is corrupt, we will also not be able to save your data.

If it’s any other repair we can keep all your hard drives data intact, this is always our main priority when doing any console repairs that come to us.

How to get your PS4 repairs to us?

You have one of two option of getting your Sony PS4 repair service done by us.

Firstly you can come to us directly, our address can be found by Clicking Here.

If the repair is a quick repair we can do it while you wait.

If you do bring it into us directly and the repair is going to take longer, we can then courier it back to you again for a small fee.

The second option is to fill in our online booking form and we will arrange to collect your PS4 repair from you with the courier company we use.

We collect anywhere in South Africa and deliver the PS4 back to you again once the repair is done for a small fee.

Sony PS4 Repair Service

We only use quality parts when doing a Sony PS4 repair service for you

3 Month Replacement Warranty On All Parts And Workmanship