PS3 Slim Repairs

Please select the problem with your PS3 Slim below

No Power Just Dead

If you try and switch you PS3 Slim on and there is just no power it's just completely dead.

Comes On And Goes Off

If your PS3 Slim comes on and then just goes off again after a few seconds, select this problem.

HDMI Port Damaged

If you look inside the HDMI port and you see any bent pins, or the HDMI port feels like it is a little lose.

Comes On But No Picture

Your PS3 Slim comes on but gives you no picture on the screen.

Not Reading Discs

If you put a game into your PS3 Slim and it doesn't read them or show them in the menu.

Not Taking Or Ejecting Discs

Select this option if the disc drive doesn't want to take or eject your discs, also if it takes or ejects very slowly.

Hard Drive Replacement

If you hard drive is making a ticking sound or you know the hard drive needs to be replaced.

Hard Drive Upgrade

If you need a bigger hard drive in your PS3 Slim console, choose this option, and we'll send you an estimate for a 500 gig hard drive upgrade.

Software Problems

If your PS3 Slim has any software problems, either while trying to do a new update or installation, you can select this option. 

Error Code On The Screen

If you getting any error code on the screen, either during a software reload, while playing games or in the menu.

WiFi Not Working

If your PS3 Slim can't see your wireless router or doesn't connect to your wireless router.

LAN Port Not Working

If you plug in your LAN cable from your router and the LAN port doesn't seem to work.

USB Port Not Working

If you plug your controller, hard drive or even a USB stick into a USB port or any of the ports and the PS3 Slim doesn't see it.

Needs A Yearly Service

One of the most important items on the whole list. Select this option if your PS3 Slim Needs it's yearly service.

Fan Loud

If your PS3 Slim fan is very loud, you can select this problem so we can sort it out.

Overheating Problem

If your PS3 Slim is giving you a message on the screen that it's getting hot or needs to be turned off, select this option.

Other Problem Not Listed Here

If you have a complete other problem that is not listed here, please select this option.