PS4 Repairs To All Models In Gauteng

PS4 Repairs On The Original, Slim and Pro Models

When you need PS4 repairs done because your console just suddenly stopped working, it can be a very frustrating and a worrying experience.

Especially when you or your family really want to play that favorite game, or there’s nothing else to do, because it’s school holidays too!

When your PS4 just stops working, there’s usually panic in the house, because you now think you need to buy a new PS4 again?

Then when your do find someone that does PS4 repairs, they often don’t look like they know what they doing, are they trustworthy, how long will they take and what the costs are going to be?

Console Service Centre is the one company that everyone know or should know! We’ve been serving the greater Gauteng area and we love every second of it…

The professionals at Console Service Centre have more than 25 years of experience together as gaming repair specialists.

Proudly Serving Greater Gauteng

Our PS4 repairs include the yearly servicing of your PS4 console, repairs and maintenance.

Here are a few popular PS4 repairs we do:

  • Power problems
  • No picture on the screen
  • Not reading games or discs
  • Software or error codes
  • Hard drive replacement or upgrades
  • WiFi, USB or LAN port problems
  • Blue Light of Death
  • Overheating or fan getting very loud
  • Lighting damage
  • HDMI port replacement
  • And much, much more!

What Causes Problems On PS4 Consoles?

Every situation is unique, but we find the biggest problem why PS4 repairs need to be done is due to heat, this is because they don’t get serviced at least once a year! The fan and components get so clogged up with dust, that the PS4 can’t cool down properly and the components just start failing.

We have now even seen the hard drives failing in the PS4 consoles, due to the heat build up, because they can’t cool down properly.

The other reasons we find is either lightning damage, power surges and even insects, like cockroaches or ants going into the PS4 for the heat, and they then short out the components in the console.

The last reason the PS4 fails, is because of just normal wear and tear. By getting us to do a full service one a year, there will be less wear and tear that you will need to worry about.

If your PS4 console is giving you a problem, this doesn’t necessary mean that you need to replace the console itself.

We will find the most cost effective way to get your PS4 console up and running again in no time!

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How Long Do PlayStation 4 Repairs Take?

Repair on your PlayStation 4 generally take about an hour to repair, if we really busy like in the school holidays, repairs take anything from an hour to 7 working days, it’s very seldom that that we take longer than 3 to 4 working days.

We know how urgent it is to get your Playstation 4 console back as soon as possible!

Affordable, Professional PS4 Repairs

We only use quality parts when we do any repair for you, with the highest rated most trusted service in South Africa, you won’t find anywhere else.

And our repairs are cheaper than buying a new popular game nowadays!

For the service we offer and the piece of mind you getting with our 3 month money back warranty, there is no PS4 repair company out there that can compete with us today.

I will be very honest with you today, we not the cheapest, but we also don’t strip other customers PS4 console to use in your PS4 repair, so we don’t use second hand parts to repair your console!

This is why we call ourselves a premium gaming repair company.

I would also encourage you to phone around for a few hours and see if you can find another company that you feel comfortable with, leaving your gaming console with them, we are not always a good fit for everyone, but we are here to help you even after the repair is done.

Other Benefits

Free Collection And Delivery

We will do a free collection from you and delivery your PS4 back to you again after the repair is done at no extra cost, anywhere in Gauteng.

Even if the repair was not successful, and you want the PS4 back, there is no cost to you at all.

No Quotations, Assessment or Deposits Ever!

Since we stated this business in 2011 we have never charged a customer for looking at their console, if you are getting charged for something like this, be very weary, this is the first sign to stay away!

They probably can’t do the repair anyway, but they going to still try and squeeze a couple of hundred bucks out of you anyway?

3 Month Money Back Warranty

I mentioned this above already, but let’s go more into details, you won’t find this with any other repair company, because they use second hand parts and can never offer you this.

So how it works is, if we do a repair for you and you come back to us at anytime in the 3 months warranty period and falls under our warranty terms for the same problem, we will do the repair again. If it doesn’t come right we will refund you every cent you paid in full.

Fastest Repair Time In The Industry

Our repairs are usually done within an hour, it just during the busy periods, like school holidays that repairs might take a little longer.

Free Good Clean

Every PS4 repair that comes in where we need to open the console, will be cleaned inside and on the outside, it not a major service but it really helps.

Then once you are a customer, you will get a 20% discount on every service and repair you do with us after that.

Don’t even waste your time going to anyone else to do your PS4 repair, they just going to mess you around and waste your time, let’s just get you gaming again!

PS4 Repairs Under Warranty

If your PS4 console is still under warranty, you can get it swapped out with a refurbished one with a 3 month warranty, as they don’t repair them here in South Africa.

This is not recommended if you don’t want to lose your data on the hard drive, this is why so many customers bring their PS4 consoles to us for repair, we won’t lose your data, unless there is a problem with the hard drive or the software itself.

The best thing about repairing your PS4 with us even though it’s still under warranty is that you know the history of your console, with a refurbished one you won’t know what could go wrong in the next few months?

To get a refurbished PS4 console under your warranty, click here.

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