PS4 Repairs Boksburg Area and Surrounding

If you having problems with your PS4 console like, power problems, visual problems or even if it not reading your discs, we can help you out.

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What if I'm not in the Boksburg area?

No problem, even though we’ve been doing PS4 repairs for customers in the Boksburg area since 2011, we’ve also been collecting and delivering customers gaming consoles anywhere in South Africa.

This still gives you the opportunity to get your PS4 repairs done professionally and with a 3-month warranty, we have made it very easy to get your repairs done.

How long do repairs take on a PS4?

80% of the PS4 repairs we do only take an hour or even less, this will all depend on what needs to be done on your console?

Any repairs that need components replaced on the mainboard or something else a little more involved can also take about an hour or two, just depends on how busy we are.

What is the cost of a PS4 repair?

Repairs start from R900.00, it all depends on what needs to be done?

If you have more than one problem with your PS4 console, we will give you extra discounts on the parts we use to keep the costs down.

Generally repairs cost less than the cost of a new game these days. It’s still worth it, as that is less than 30% of a new PS4 console.

If it costs more than that, it’s not really worth it and it might be better to buy a new PS4 console.

Will I lose the data on my PS4's hard drive?

The only time you will lose any data on the hard drive is if your hard drive is faulty or the software is corrupt.

We have a program that will test the hard drives health and how much life it still has left.

We recommend that you always back up your game saves to the PlayStation Network when you create an online account on your PS4.

Then with your downloaded games, you should rather use an external hard drive.

We sell external hard drives specifically made for gaming consoles too, this saves you so much time not needing to download your games again.

Hard drives fail and software gets corrupt on PS4 consoles very often, so it’s better to protect your data and not leave it on your PS4’s hard drive.

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