PS4 Original Gives A Blue Light But No Picture

PS4 Original No Power Just Dead

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What causes the PS4 Original to give a blue light?

The blue light problem is also know as the Blue Light Of Death or BLOD for short.

There are 2 reasons, either the main processor needs to be redone or the south bridge chip itself is faulty.

We can redo the main processor for you or replace the south bridge chip, we do many of them every year.

Why does the Blue Light of Death problem occur?

We’ve found a few reasons why this happens on most gaming consoles.

If the main processor is the reason the PS4 is giving your the BLOD:

  • It can be because the PS4 has overheated, due to not being serviced at least once a year.
  • Normal wear and tear.


If the south bridge chip is the reason for the Blue Light of Death:

  • The south bridge chip can blow from lightning through the LAN port or HDMI port.
  • Power surge can cause damage.
  • Dust can also cause static, causing the south bridge to short out.

How to fix the BLOD problem yourself

This is not recommended, if you don’t have the correct equipment to do the repair, or the correct testing equipment to check the components on the main board, you won’t be able to repair it yourself.

There is only one other repair company in South Africa other than us that can do this repair properly, without causing any further damage.

Please whatever you do, don’t take your PS4 blue light problem for repair to anyone else, we have seen so many PS4 that have been badly damaged by other repair companies, just because they don’t know what they doing.

And don’t try what you see on YouTube, you will cause further damage to your PS4 Original console.

What if my PS4 Original is still under warranty?

If your PS4 Original is still under warranty, you can get it swapped out with a refurbished one through the PlayStation support website.

Things to be aware of before getting your PS4 done under warranty:

  • They don’t do repairs in South Africa, so your PS4 Original will be swapped out with a refurbished one.
  • The warranty on the refurbished PS4 from PlayStation will only carry a 3 month warranty.
  • You will loose all the data on your hard drive, this includes the games and game saves if they not backed up to the cloud.


To get a refurbished PS4 console, visit the PlayStation support website, by clicking here.

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