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PS3 Original Repairs

The PS3 original or also known as the "fat" was the first PS3 console that came out after the PS2 consoles. The 60 gig model was also backwards compatible and could play PS2 and PS1 games.

PS3 Slim Repairs

The PS3 Slim model was the second PS3 model and this model came out with bigger hard drives. They came out with 120 gig, 250 gig and 320 gig hard drives.

PS3 Super Slim Repairs

The super slim model was a little smaller than slim and slides open on the top to put your discs in to play. They came with a 12 gig or 500 gig option.

PS4 Repairs

When the PS4 was launched, the hard drive option was only a 500 gig. At a later stage they brought out another two models, the last model had a 1 TB hard drive.

PS4 Slim Repairs

The PS4 slim came out with a slightly better processor and ram, they were also launched with a 1 TB hard drive and only one USB port in the from of the machine.

PS4 Pro Repairs

When the PS4 Pro came out, it was the most powerful gaming console on the market at the time. It has 2 USB port and came with a 1 TB hard drive. 

Xbox 360 Repairs

With the Xbox 360 consoles, the best way to see the difference is at the power button itself. The original in the picture also looks a little different that the slim model in the next picture.

Xbox 360 Slim Repairs

The Xbox 360 Slim consoles also came out with different hard drives. They came out with 4 gig or 250 gig hard drives, and the limited editions came out with 500 gig hard drives.

Xbox 360 Slim E Repairs

The Xbox 360 Slim E has a smaller on/off button than the original and slim model. If you look carefully, the shape is also different to the slim model.

Xbox One Repairs

The Xbox One console is the first new model that came out after the Xbox 360 Slim E model. The Xbox One was also the first Xbox that came out with a Blue Ray drive.

Xbox One S Repairs

The Xbox One S is a smaller slim model that came out after the Xbox One model. The S model also doesn't have an external power brick like the other models, the power supply is inside the Xbox One S itself.

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