Select The Problem You Have With Your PS3 Slim Below

Power Problems

No Power At All, Just Dead

If your PS3 Slim doesn't come on at all, or give you any lights, even when you press the power or eject button.

Comes On, Then Goes Off Again (YLOD)

If your PS3 Slim does come on for a few seconds and then it just shuts down again, also known as the Yellow Light Of Death.

Visual Problems

HDMI Port Damaged

If your PS3 Slim HDMI ports pins are bent, or the port is pushed in or even feels very loose.

Comes On Gives No Picture

If your PS3 Slim comes on and stays on, but then gives you no picture on the screen.

Software Problems

Error Code On Screen

If your PS3 Slim gives you a error code on the screen at anytime.

Other Software Problems

If you having another software problem with your PS3 Slim.

Disc Drive Problems

Not Reading Games Or Discs

If you put any disc into the PS3 Slim and it doesn't pick it up or gives and error.

Not Taking In Discs

If you try and put a disc into your PS3 Slim and it doesn't want to take the disc in.

Not Ejecting Discs

If you press the eject button on your PS3 Slim console, and it doesn't want to eject the disc.

Overheating Problems

Fan Gets Very Loud

If when your switch your PS3 Slim on, or while plying the fan gets loud.

Message Saying It's Getting Hot

If at anytime you get a message that your PS3 Slim is getting hot and will shut down.

Needs It's Yearly Service

If your PS3 Slim simply just needs it's yearly service.

Your Problem Is Not Listed Above

If your problem is not listed above, please call us on 087 550 2307, let’s see how we can help.