PS4 White Light

PS4 White Light Problem

This is what PS4 white Light problem looks like

On the PS4 models the white light will be at different places, from the picture below you can see where the indicator is to show your PS4 console is on.

If the power indicator on your PS4 console just stays white and doesn’t give you any picture on the TV, you have what we call the White Light Of Death.

PS4 White Light

Why are you getting the PS4 white light?

If you have the PS4 white light problem where the PS4 does come on and then just gives you the white light, either at the power button or across the top of the PS4 but no picture.

This is either the HDMI port that is faulty or loose, or it’s the HDMI IC itself on the mainboard needs to be replaced.

To check if it’s your HDMI port have a look inside the HDMI port itself and see if you can see any damaged or bent pins or even if it feels loose.

If you don’t see any damage to the HDMI port, then the problem will probably be that the HDMI IC on the mainboard is faulty and will need to be replaced.

Here are a few examples of what the HDMI port or HDMI IC's look like for the PS4 consoles

PS4 HDMI IC first gen

If you look closely at each of the picture above, each of those little legs need to be soldered to the main board and make proper contact.

If any of the legs touch the IC can blow or it just won’t work at all, even worse you can blow other components on the mainboard.

What else can I try to fix the problem?

The first thing you can do is to replace the HDMI cable that you using with another cable.

The second thing you can try is to switch the PS4 off and pull out all the cables, then leave the PS4 off for about 10 minutes then plug everything back and switch it back on again.

This didn’t work, what now?

  • Option number 1

If this didn’t work and your PS4 is still under the one year warranty you can visit the PlayStation support website to log fault query by Clicking Here

Please note here in South Africa they do not repair PlayStation 4 console or any other PlayStation console they will swap it out for you with a refurbished one.

The downside of this is that you will lose all the data on your hard drive, and you cannot put your old hard drive into the refurbished console they give you.

Also, bear in mind the refurbished console they give you will only have a 3-month warranty on it.

  • Option number 2

The best option would be to bring it to us so we can do the repair for you, this way you will keep all your data on the hard drive and the saved games.

We will also give you a 3-month warranty on the repair and the workmanship, this way you will not lose any of the data or saved games on your hard drive.

We have successfully repaired hundreds of the white light problems on all the PS4 models either by replacing the HDMI port or the actual HDMI IC on the mainboard.

Click Here to get a free automated estimate to repair your PS4 white light problem.

  • Option 3

You can try and replace the HDMI port or the HDMI IC yourself, but this is not recommended as you will need to buy a really good soldering iron and a hot a station.

You will also need to know how much heat to put into the mainboard to remove the HDMI port or the HDMI IC.



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