PS4 turns on but gives no picture or sounds
PS4 Repair Problems

PS4 turns on but gives no picture

If your PS4 turns on but gives no picture or even sound on the TV or screen, and the power light is a white colour, this is usually the HDMI circuit that is faulty.

Don’t get to worried, this problem can be repaired successfully by us, and will work perfectly after the repair is done.

If your PS4 turns on but gives you no picture and the PS4 stays on with the power light changing to a white colour, this is also known in the industry as the White Light Of Death, or WLOD for short.

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Why does my PS4 give a white light but no picture?

The main reason your PS4 gives the white light but no picture is because of the HDMI IC that is faulty and will need to be replaced.

Here are two pictures of different HDMI IC’s for the different PS4 consoles models.

The first picture of the HDMI IC with the little legs is for the first PS4 Original model, IC model number MN86471A.

The second picture is for the 3rd generation PS4 Original, and the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro models, IC model number MN864729.

If you replacing the HDMI IC yourself, make sure you check the model number of the HDMI IC your PS4 console has first.

PS4 Original HDMI IC
PS4 Original, Slim and Pro HDMI IC

What does it cost to replace a PS4 HDMI IC?

The cost to replace the HDMI IC on all the PS4 console models will be R1150.00.

This includes all the parts, labour and we will even collect and deliver back to you for free, if you can’t come in directly, anywhere in South Africa.

How long does it take to replace the HDMI IC?

It takes and hour to 7 working days, it all depends on how busy we are at the time of booking in your PS4 console, and how many repairs are in the queue ahead of yours.

Generally all our repairs take 1 to 3 working days, we try and get the repairs done as quick as possible, as we know how important it is having your PS4 back again.

What causes the PS4 white light problem?

The biggest problem we have found with all gaming consoles HDMI IC’s that are faulty, is lightning.

If the PS4 consoles get’s any static coming through the HDMI port, it will blow the HDMI IC.

Even a faulty HDMI cable, can cause two pins in the HDMI port to short out between each other.

If my PS4 turns on but gives no picture, can there be something else wrong with it?

Yes, it can be the HDMI port itself that is faulty and needs to be replaced, as the HDMI port can give you the same symptoms.

For more information and how to diagnose if it’s the HDMI port itself that might be faulty, read out article about the PS4 HDMI port repair or replacement by Clicking Here

PS4 HDMI port repair

What if my PS4 console is still under the 1 year warranty?

If your PS4 is still under the 1 year warranty, they cannot repair it for you here in South Africa.

They will however swap it out for your with a refurbished PS4 console again.

Please note, the refurbished PS4:

  • Only has a 3 month warranty, even if you still have 8 moths left on your current warranty.
  • You will lose all the data on your current hard drive, you can’t just change hard drives, the refurbished one will ask you to format your hard drive immediately when booting up the refurbished one.
  • Make sure you use some type of program to hard format your hard drive in your broken PS4 consoles before you give it to them, you might have some type of banking or card details on that hard drive.
  • You will not know the history of the refurbished consoles and what was replaced before and how often it’s been used before and what will fail next?

All these reasons are why customers bring their PS4 consoles to us for repair, and know the history of their PS4 consoles and they won’t lose all their data, unless something is wrong with the hard drive or software.

To start the process of getting your PS4 console swapped out for a refurbished on, click here.

Let's repair the PS4 white light problem for you!

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