PS4 Repairs We Do

We do PS4 repairs to all PS4 models, the PS4 Original, PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro.

We import all our own quality parts so we can keep the costs down to repair your PS4 console, cutting out the middle man.

Here are just some of the PS4 repairs we do:

  • PS4 not coming on at all and is just dead.
  • PS4 comes on then goes off again.
  • PS4 HDMI port damaged and needs replacement.
  • PS4 comes on and stays on, but gives no picture on the TV or screen.
  • PS4 not reading games or discs.
  • PS4 disc drive not taking or ejecting discs.
  • PS4 ejecting discs or coming on by itself.
  • PS4 giving an error code on the screen or TV.
  • PS4 software problems.
  • PS4 not installing update properly.
  • PS4 USB port or ports not working at all.
  • PS4 LAN port not working.
  • PS4 WiFi not working properly.
  • PS4 hard drive replacement.
  • PS4 hard drive upgrades.
  • PS4 yearly service.
  • And much, much more.

How much do PS4 repairs cost?

The cost to repair a PS4 starts at R899, it just depends on what needs to be replaced or repaired.

Most repairs on a PS4 console will cost less than a new popular game today.

This is why we have the free estimate system on our website, this helps you budget for your PS4 repairs.

Get your free PS4 repair estimate here

How long does a PS4 repair take?

Again this will depend on what we need to do on your PS4 console.

We can do some repairs within a half and hour, and some repairs can take a few hours, especially if we need to do fault finding first.

We usually ask customers to work on 2 to 7 working days, especially if we need to collect and deliver back to you again.

Is there a warranty on the PS4 repair?

Definitely, we actually give you a 3 month money back warranty.

If you had to send your PS4 console back to us for the same problem again, and it can’t be repaired?

You will get your money back in full, then you can put it towards a new one again.

This way you lose nothing, and their is no risk to doing your PS4 repairs with us.

Please note that it must fall within our warranty terms.

Collection and delivery of your PS4 repairs

If we collect and delivery your PS4 console back to you again after the repair is done, it’s free anywhere in the Gauteng area.

If we collect anywhere else in South Africa, we will do so for a small fee.

Once we send you the free estimate, there will be a link where you can book a online collection.

Once you booked it, simply package the PS4 securely in a box and let us know it’s ready for collection.

Once it’s been collected, you will get notified through every step of the repair.

Come direct

If you want to come directly to us, please visit our contact us page to see if we open for direct customer first.

Visit our contact us page here

If you have any questions about your PS4 repairs, you can also give us a call on 087 550 2307.

PS4 still under warranty

If your PS4 is still under warranty, we can still do the repair for you and it will be much quicker.

If we do the repair, you just need to understand that your warranty will then be void, and we would obviously charge for the repair.

To get your PS4 repair done through Sony, click here to start the process with PlayStation support.