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  • 3 Month Money Back Warranty
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PS4 Repairs In Gauteng Area

If you have any type of PS4 repairs and you are in the Gauteng area.

You can come directly to us, or we can collect and deliver back to you again when the repair is done.

Console Service Centre are PS4 and other popular gaming console repair specialists.

Gauteng’s professional PS4 repair company, all repairs done fast!

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PS4 Repairs We Do

Console Service Centre does repairs to all PS4 models.

We do PS4 Original repairs, PS4 Slim Repairs and PS4 Pro Repairs, we import and keep stock for all the PS4 models.

  • Power Problems
  • No Picture On The Screen
  • HDMI Port Replacement
  • Software Problems
  • Error Codes
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Yearly Service
  • And Much, Much More

360+ Google Reviews And Counting

How Long Do PS4 Repairs Take?

95% of PS4 repairs only take 1 hour to a day, there are times where we might need to do fault find, and then we might take a little longer.

If the repair on your PlayStation 4 is going to take a little longer, we will deliver your PS4 back to you for free once the repair is done, anywhere in Gauteng.

At worst case scenario the repair will take between 3 to 7 working days.

We know how important it is to get your PS4 repair done as fast as possible, and this is why we try our hardest to get it done within an hour to 3 days.

PS4 Repairs Original
PS4 Repairs Slim
PS4 Repairs Pro

How Much Will A PS4 Repair Cost?

The cost to repair your PS4 console will be anything from R750.00, generally 95% of PS4 repairs cost less than a new popular PS4 game today.

This is why it’s still far cheaper to get your PlayStation 4 repaired than to buy a new one, if you take it to a professional repair company like us.

98% of PS4 repair companies out there don’t import their own parts, and they usually strip second hand PS4 consoles or worse other customers PS4’s to repair yours.

They don’t give you a proper warranty and they will probably also tell you that it can’t be repaired, because they will strip your PS4 console to repair another customers PS4 console.

This will the end up costing you much more in the long run, and you will probably need to buy a new PS4 console at the end of the day!

Make sure the company where you take your PlayStation 4 repair, has at least 150 reviews on Google and they have been in business for a long time.

You don’t want to go back to the gaming repair company and they not there anymore, you won’t believe the stories we heard before.

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Our PS4 Repair Money Back Warranty

Since 2011 customers have trusted us and given us 5 star reviews on Google, because of our service and warranty.

If at anytime your PS4 console gives you the same problem again after we did the repair, within the 3 month warranty period, and we do the repair again and it’s unsuccessful.

We will refund you in full, no questions asked!

This way, there is no risk to you to do a PS4 repair with us.

When we pay you back in full  for the repair, you can put that money towards buying a new one again.

This way you haven’t lost any money.

We are the best PS4 repair shop in SA, because we are honest and even if it costs us money to sort our customers problems out, we will do it!

Collection and delivery

PS4 Repair Collection And Delivery Service

When we started the business in 2011 and were using over 120 ToysRus and Reggies branches across South Africa as drop off points for repairs.

We collected from all the branches, we now collect from our customers directly, anywhere in South Africa with a company we use called “The Courier Guy”

Best of all, if you are in the Gauteng area, we will collect and deliver back to you again, free of charge.

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PS4 Warranty Repairs

If you PS4 console is still under the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, you can get it swapped out by PlayStation for a refurbished one with a 3 month warranty.

Please keep in mind that they don’t do repairs on PS4 consoles in South Africa.

  • You will lose all your data on your hard drive as you can’t just swap out the hard drive.
  • If you still have 8 months lefts on your warranty currently, it will be lost, as the new one only comes with a 3 month warranty.
  • If you have any bank or card details on the PS4, someone can access those details with software as they take the PS4 from you with the hard drive.

This is why so many customers prefer coming to us with their PS4 consoles, even if they still under warranty.

If there is nothing wrong with the software or the hard drive, you will still have all your data.

You know the history of the PS4 and what has been repaired on it before.

If we need to replace your hard drive, we give you your old one back.

But if you still need to get your PS4 console swapped out for a refurbished one, make sure the hard drive is completely wiped properly, not just formatted.

Click here to start the process with PlayStation.

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