Do you have a PS4 repair and don’t know where to take it?

You’ve come to the right place.

We do repairs on the PS4 Original, Slim and Pro models, and keep stock of all the parts need to do the repair.

Here is a list of just some of the PS4 repairs we do:

  • Power problems
  • No visuals on the TV or screen
  • HDMI port replacements
  • Error codes on the screen
  • Software problems
  • Comes on no picture, blue power light
  • Comes on no picture, white power light
  • Hangs in main menu or games
  • Not reading games or discs
  • Disc drive not taking or ejecting discs
  • Hard drive replacements
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Problems after lightning
  • Problem after load shedding
  • Main board repairs
  • And much, much more!

To get support or a estimate on your PS4 repair, select the model you have below.

What do PS4 repairs generally cost here in South Africa?

PS4 repairs cost between R650.00 and R2600.00, it all depends on what PS4 model you have, and what needs to be replace in your PS4, if it’s just a parts to be swapped out, or if the PS4 needs board level repairs.

How long do PS4 repairs take?

90% of PS4 repairs can be repaired while you wait, or within 24hrs, if you come directly to us.

The other 10% of repairs take around 3 to 5 working days, it all depends on what needs to be done, and how much time it takes to do, fault finding, and the to do the repair.

If you sending your PlayStation to us via the courier service we offer, or during our busy periods of the year, repairs generally take a little longer than 1 day.

Do I get a warranty once you done with the PS4 repair?

We go one step better than just a plain old warranty, we give you a 6 month money back warranty on all our repairs, as long as it falls in our warranty terms of course?

Oh and a 7 day satisfaction guarantee!

We take the risk out of doing repairs with us, if your PS4 comes back with the same problem within 6 months of doing the repair, and we can’t repair it, you get a full refund on the repair.

We would rather have you take that money, and put it towards buying a replacement console again.

We take all the risk, so you don’t need to.

The only way we can make such a crazy warranty, is because, we only us quality parts for all our repairs.

What if my PS4 is still under the 1 year warranty?

If your PS4 console isn’t even a year old yet, you can use the PlayStation support website, by clicking here.

If your warranty claim on your PlayStation 4 repair is successful, they will replace it for you with a refurbished PS4, with a 3 month warranty.

Please note, if they do replace it with a refurbished PlayStation 4, you will lose all the data on your hard drive, this is why customers bring their PS4 console to us, even if it’s under the 1 year warranty.

No one likes to loose their data, the only time we cannot save the data on your PlayStation 4, is if the hard drive itself is faulty, or the software is corrupt.

Can I do a insurance claim on my PS4 repair?

Not every insurance company is the same, and it will also depend on your policy with your insurance company?

Please give your insurance company a call first, check with them if you need to take it in for assessment with a specific company, or if you can bring it to us to do the assessment for you?

We do assessments for insurance companies everyday.

Also check with your insurance company, if your PS4 does fall under the cover you have with your insurance policy.

Can you collect and delivery my PS4 again?

Yes we can, we use a courier company that collects and delivers all over South Africa for us.

You will not need to pay anything upfront, we will send you a invoice once you give us a go ahead on the repairs, with the courier fees included.

You can book a collection for your PS4 repairs, by Clicking Here

What you waiting for, contact us today, and let’s get your gaming on your PS4 again, call us now on 087 550 2307

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