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It's the worst feeling when the kids want to play games and there is nothing else to do and the PS4 console isn't working. Or when you just got a new game and the PS4 console just bombs out !

We can get you up and running again, we import all our own parts so we can do your PS4 repairs quickly and professionally.

How do we get started?

Easily Get Started

The first thing to do is to get a free estimate by clicking on the free estimate button or you can also CLICK HERE

By getting a free online estimate, you will get a off hand cost of what it will cost to repair your PS4 console before you even book it in.

How do you get your PS4 repair to us?

We do a free collection and delivery, T&C's apply

In the free estimate we send to your email address, you will also see a link in the email where you can arrange for a free collection and delivery.

You can also come to us directly, find our address on our contact page or CLICK HERE

How long do repairs take on my PS4?

Repairs are done quickly!

PS4 repairs take an hour to 3 hours this is if you come to us directly.

If we collecting the PS4 repair it can take 2 days to 7 days depending on what area you are in and where we collecting the PS4 from.

Please note that repairs can take longer depending on the problem on the PS4 and if it is in our busy season, this will be school holidays or long weekends.

Some popular PS4 repairs we do.

The repairs below are just some of the regular repairs we get, we do other repairs on PS4 consoles not listed here too.

  • PS4 Not coming on at all, just dead.
  • PS4 coming on and just going off within a few seconds.
  • PS4 HDMI port is damaged physically and needs to be replaced.
  • PS4 giving no picture on the TV via the HDMI cable, no damage to HDMI port itself.
  • PS4 has been struck by lightning and now there is no picture or it's just dead.
  • PS4 doesn't read any discs or says unrecognized disc.
  • PS4 disc drive is not taking the discs or doesn't eject the discs at all.
  • PS4 sometimes just ejects the discs by itself or randomly just switches on by itself.
  • PS4 gets hot and the fan goes very loud.
  • PS4 yearly general service.
  • PS4 insurance assessment reports.