Need to buy a PS4 power supply, or even need to get it replaced?

Power supplies in the PS4 consoles are very sensitive and and often become faulty and need to be replaced, this can be  done very easily.

The power supplies usually become faulty due to lightning damage, power surges or even by load shedding.

PS4 Power supply prices

The cost to buy a new power supply for your PS4 console will be between R530.00 to R1800.00, it just depends on what model PS4 console you have, and what model power supply you PS4 has inside.

Are all PS4 power supplies the same?

PS4_Original_PSU_4pin_ADP-200ER_Replacement No, there are three different power supplies for each PS4 model, this means that the PS4 Original has 3 different power supplies, the PS4 Slim has 3 different power supplies, and the PS4 Pro has three different power supply models too.

Every time PlayStation makes changes or improvements on there PS4 models, the changes the power supplies too.

Some PS4 power supplies have different voltages, some have different shapes.

Make sure you order the correct power supply model for you specific PS4 console model, you can see the different PS4 models and their respective power supplies in the article I wrote here.

How do I know if my PS4 power supply is faulty?

Mostly the PS4 will not give you any power at all if you press the power or eject button.

Or the PS4 can come on for a second or two and then just go off straight away again.

If the power supplies blow, can something else also blow?

This will all depend on how the PS4’s power supply blew?

If the power supply has blown because of lightning in your area, then there could be a problem where components on the main board have also blow.

If the power supply has become faulty after a power surge or from load shedding in your area, then it’s usually just the power supply itself that is faulty.

If your power supply has blown because it so full of dust, as you haven’t been doing the yearly service on your PS4 console, then it’s also usually just the power supply that’s blown.

Make sure you strip the PS4 down completely and do a full service, before you replace the power supply, if you don’t, all the dust will be blown into the power supply and it could blow again.

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