Pricing & Repair Info

PS4 Original Repair

If your PS4 Original comes on, but gives no picture on the screen and a blue power light across the top.

If you PS4 comes on, then the power light across the top goes to a blue colour and it give you no picture in the screen, this is usually the main processor that needs to be redone.

This problem is also known as the Blue Light Of Death on the PS4 consoles, or BLOD for short.

Please Note: If you have had the PS4 Original to someone else that has attempted to do the BLOD repair for you, it’s not worth bringing it to us to attempt the repair again.

The problem is that other repair companies us a paint stripping heat gun to try and do the repair, and then they damage either the main processor or components on the main board itself.

We only use a proper BGA machine to do the repair, and the heat is very controlled, so we don’t damage the other components.

However, if the main processor is on it way out, and we do attempt the repair, there is a good chance that main processor will get damaged when we apply any amount of heat, and the PS4 will not come on at all anymore.

If you happy with the risk of the repair, you can book it in so we can try the repair, the PS4 doesn’t work anyway, so you have nothing to loose.

This repair is not always successful, so there is only a 50% chance of it being repaired successfully.

Cost of repairing the Blue Light Of Death problem on your PS4 Original

The estimate cost to do the BLOD repair will be R1100.00.

The cost estimate is only valid for 7 working days, and is only final, once we physically assed the problem.

The costs include the parts, labour and a quick blow out of the PS4 Original, while we have it open.

How long does it take to do the BLOD repair on a PS4 Original?

If we not very busy, we can do it for you within 3 to 7 working days, if we’re a little busy at the time you book the PS4 Original in, the repair can take between 7 and 14 work days.

Do I need to make an appointment to come directly to you?

At the moment you will not need an appointment, if there is another customer at the sales counter already, we will just require you to wait for a few minutes till we done with the customer first.

Find our address and office hours by Clicking Here

Or Click Here to use Google Maps to navigate to us.

Can you collect and delivery my PS4 Original back to me again?

Yes we can. and there is no payment required upfront for courier costs or the repair itself.

We use a courier company to do all our collections all over South Africa, it doesn’t matter were you are.

The cost to collect from you will be R175.00 and R175.00 back to you again.

To book a collection, please use our online collection form, by Clicking Here

Is there a warranty on the repair?

All our repairs don’t just have a 3 month warranty, but they come with a 3 month money back warranty.

So if you bring your PS4 Original to us for repair, and within 3 months it has the same problem again, and we can’t repair it again, we will give you a full refund on the repair cost you paid.

Please note we cannot refund the courier costs if we collecting and delivering back to you again.

What’s not covered in our warranty.

Damage to parts we replaced because of lightning, power surges, insect damage, user damage or if our warranty seal has been removed, the warranty will be void.

The warranty only covers the parts we replaced or the items we repaired, not the entire console, for other problems we did not work on at all.

When do I make payment?

We only require payment for the repair or any courier costs, on the final invoice, after you have approved the official estimate we emailed you.

How do I do a payment?

If you come to us directly, you can either do payment by card or cash, please note if we send you an invoice and you do a bank transfer, you will need to wait till the amount clears in our bank account first.

If we collecting from you, and then delivering back to you again once the repair is done, you will find our banking details at the bottom of the invoice, where you can simply do a bank transfer.