PS4 Original Comes On Goes Off Estimate & Repair Success Rate

Success Rate 95%

The only time it cannot be repaired is if the main processor is faulty, as it cannot be replaced with a new one, or if the PS4 Original has had very bad liquid damage and was left too long and the main board has started corroding.

  • Power Supply Replacement
    Power Supply Replacement R2510.00

    If we just need to replace a faulty power supply.

    Repair Time 1 hour to 5 working days.

    Warranty 6 Month Money Back, T&C's Apply.

  • South Bridge Chip Replacement
    South Bridge Chip Replacement R1950.00

    If it's not the power supply that's faulty, it can be the South Bridge Chip that's faulty and will need to be replaced.

    Repair Time 2 to 5 working days.

    Warranty 6 Month Money Back, T&C's Apply.

  • Main Board Repair
    Main Board Repair R1150.00 to R2850.00

    If it's not the power supply or the South Bridge Chip that's faulty there could be a component or components on the main board itself that are faulty and will need to be replaced.

    Repair Time 3 to 7 working days.

    Warranty 6 Month Money Back, T&C's Apply.

* Please note that all displayed prices are estimates. We need to physically assess your console to provide a final quote. *

Repairs come with!

Free Collection and Delivery

Not everyone can come directly to us, or has the time, so we offer Free collection and delivery anywhere in South Africa - valued at between R240.00 to R800.00, Since 2011.

No Quote Fees

We don't charge for looking at your gaming console or to give you a quote to do your repair, it's totally free - valued at R450.00.

No Risk - 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you not happy with the repair we did within 14 days of getting it back, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked - valued at R1000.00 +

No Risk - 6 Month Money Back Warranty

If you bring your gaming console back to us within 6 month with the exact same problem, and it's the same repair or parts that need to be replaced, and it cannot be repaired, we will give you a full refund - valued at R1000.00 +

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Once the repairs are done, either come collect again, or let's send it back to you.
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Corne Korb
July 1, 2024

What a great experience! Thanks so much for fixing my little boys PS4 in absolutely no time. In and out in a few minutes. Well done!

May 20, 2024

Wonderful, efficient and quick service!!! Was definitely skeptical about sending my ps4 via courier but everything went VERY well got it back the next day and it's still working in good condition will definitely recommend 👌

Luca Aramu
May 5, 2024

Absolutely amazing service, I was walked through the whole process, and was given back my ps4 and ps5 in the same day, Amazing!

Vutivi Clyde Mabasa
March 11, 2024

I recently took my son's ps4 for repairs it was not displaying on the TV, it was on a Saturday when I took it there. I was surprised to receive a call on Monday saying that they have display replaced the chip or IC I should come and pick it up, thier price was reasonable and stuff is friendly will definitely visit them again should the console give us any problems.

Jono Young
March 11, 2024

After 8 years of having no issues with my PS4. A friendly lighting storm on the highveld hit my house my and the PS was the casualty. I found Console Service Centre on Google, took it to Shaun the next day and had new power supply with a service done in under an hour and everything was sorted and as new. It definitely saved me a few thousand on having to buy a new one.

Armand Bothma
January 14, 2024

I have sended in my PS4 because it didnt want to read my blueray disc anymore .Console service repaired my console and when it came back ,it was like almost new the blueray disc drive is working 100% again and the repair didnt even take long. You guys are amazing and quick .

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