PS4 not coming on at all
PS4 Repair Problems

PS4 not coming on at all, just dead

If your PS4 console is not coming on at all and is just completely dead, this is a very common problem with all the PS4 models.

There’s usually two different reasons for this, and one reason is more common that the other.

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Two reasons your PS4 is not coming on at all.

The most common problem is the power supply itself that is faulty and will need to be replaced, and the second reason, is something that could be faulty on the main board itself.

Both problems can be sorted out or be repaired, so you don’t need to buy a new PS4 console, and you will still have all your data on the hard drive intact.

PS4 power supply problem.

If the power supply itself is faulty, we don’t recommend repairing the power supply, we rather just replace the power supply itself.

When the power supply does get damaged, and you try and repair it, there are other components in the power supply that will also eventually fail, and you will need to repair it again.

When you replace the power supply, you know that all the components in the power supply are new and will not fail at a later stage, due to previous damage.

PS4 power supplies are not universal!

Many people think that one PS4 models power supply is the same as another models PS4 power supply.

This is not the case, the PS4 Original has 3 different power supplies, the PS4 Slim has 3 different power supplies, and the PS4 Pro has 3 different power supplies.

If you are replacing the power supply yourself, make sure you take a look at the model number on the power supply, then order the same model.

Why do PS4 power supplies get faulty?

Over the years we have found that PS4 power supplies blow, or get faulty from, lack of servicing the PS4 yearly, lightning damage, power surges or here in South Africa, from the load shedding we experience.

You can minimise these problems from accruing, read our article here

Lack of servicing your PS4 yearly.

Not servicing your PS4 console at least once a year, will cause damage to more than just your power supply itself.

All PS4 console must be serviced once a year, if you want it to last.

When the fan or the heat sink gets clogged up with a the dust the PS4 consoles suck in, they start overheating, and this causes damage to the components on the main board, power supply and even the hard drive itself.

The dust build up around the component in the power supply, eventually causes are short circuit between components and eventually causes the power supply to blow.

Lightning, power surges or load shedding.

Any lightning strike to you home or even close to your house will cause static to your electrical wiring and cause a short circuit to your appliances, including the PS4 console.

The power supplies in the PS4 consoles are very sensitive, the slightest spike in power to the PS4 will blow the power supply itself.

The same goes for load shedding, as soon as the electricity comes back on, it often causes a spike in power and that is also know as a power surge.

Main board problems.

If the power supply itself is not faulty, then there is a component on the main board itself that is faulty and needs to be replaced.

The reason this happens is either from dust build up as pointed out in a previous paragraph.

If there is dust build up around components on the main board, it will eventually cause a short circuit between to components and short them out.

Let’s replace the power supply for you.

If you don’t want to try and replace the power supply yourself, we can do it for you, simply click on the button below to select the PS4 model you have, click on the problem to see the cost of the repair.

PS4 is still under warranty

IF your PS4 console is still under the 1 year warranty, you cannot get it repaired in South Africa.

They will however replace it for you with a refurbished PS4 console, that only comes with a 3 month warranty.

  • Please keep in mind, that you will lose all the data that is on your PS4 currently, you can’t just swap your hard drive, the PS4 will format by itself.
  • If you have any banking or credit card details on your PS4, it will still be on the hard drive and can be extracted by someone else. Make sure you do a hard format of the hard drive in your current PS4 console via your computer.
  • You will not know the history of the refurbished PS4 console, and what was replaced or how long it will last.
  • And lastly, if you have 7 months left on your warranty, you will loose those 7 months, and the refurbished one will only have a new 3 month warranty on it.

If you want to start the process to get a refurbished exchange PS4 console, click here

Try this to fix the power problem.

I made a video on how you can fix the problem without opening your PS4 console, try these tips to see if it it will come right.

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