PS4 is not coming on at all

PS4 is not coming on at all, repair and what not to do?

Having problems where your PS4 is not coming on at all and is just dead, we can usually get it up and running for you again, within an hour.

In this post we will talk about why the PS4 is not coming on at all, what causes the problem, and if you can repair it yourself and what you might need.

We will also discuss if the power supply is not faulty, what else can be faulty with the PS4 if it’s not coming on? And we will also discuss what not to do if you have any problems with your PS4 not coming on.

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Why my PS4 is not coming on at all and is just dead?

When your PS4 is just dead and has no power, this is usually just the power supply itself that is faulty and needs to be replaced. There is a small chance that there could be something on the main board itself that could be faulty too.

Why is the PS4 power supply faulty?

Mostly if your PS4 is not coming on and is just dead, this is usually the power supply that has been damaged by lightning, power surges, from dust or just normal wear and tear.

If you have a storm in your area and there is lightning, this can damage your power supply, if the lightning strikes close to your house.

When you have a power surge, where the power goes off and then comes back on again. This can cause a spike in your home’s electricity supply and cause damage to your power supply itself.

Dust is also a major problem that causes damage to the power supplies.

The PS4 console pulls in cold air through the sides to cool down the PS4, and then blows the hot air out the back of the PS4 console.

The design of the PS4 has not been done very well when it comes to this way it cools itself down.

What happens is that it pulls in dust with the cold air and this dust goes through the entire console to cool it down, and then blows the hot air out through the power supply situated in the back of the PS4 console.

The dust sticks to all the parts inside the PS4 console, including the components inside the power supply itself.

The dust that sticks to the components inside the power supply causes static and then eventually creates a short between components or static.

Therefore we keep telling people how important it is to service all gaming consoles, at least once a year at minimum.

Cost to repair a PS4 not coming on at all

The cost to replace a power supply in the PS4 consoles starts from R1299.00 at the time of writing this post.

It’s not worth trying to fix the old damaged power supply, you will never know what other components also got damaged in the power supply and are just waiting to fail.

It’s better to just replace it, it will save you a lot of frustration in the long run.

If my PS4 is not coming on at all, can it be something else?

Yes it can be something else, it can be a component on the main board itself that is faulty and needs to be replaced, or it can even be what we call the “Blue Light Of Death”

This is mainly to do with the main processor, the symptoms you will usually get if the PS4 has the BLOD, is that it will come on with no picture on and the power light will turn to blue.

Sometime it will change to blue and then go off again after a few minutes.

Symptoms you usually get if your PS4 power supply is blown

The PS4 will usually not come on at all, or it will come on for a few seconds and make a clicking sound and then just go off again.

After that happens, you will often also find that if you push the power button again, nothing happens.

If you leave it a couple of minutes or plug out the power cable for a few minutes and plug it in again and then try pushing the power button, it will try and come on again and then just go off again.

Can I replace the PS4 power supply myself?

Yes you can replace the power supply if your PS4 is not coming on at all, you will just need the correct tools to do so, and be very careful when taking the power supply out.

We get so many PS4 consoles here in our workshop, where customers have tried to service there PS4 or replace something, and they have pulled the power supply connector of the main board itself.

When this happens, we need to rebuild the tracks again and re-attach the the power plug on the main board again.

One of the other problems you will need to keep in mind, is that every PS4 model, either the Original, Slim or the PRO each of them come with 3 different power supplies, depending on the model number you have.

So that gives you a total of nine different power supplies in the different PS4 consoles.

I hope this article was helpful.

To get a free estimate on what the cost will be to replace your power supply if your PS4 is not coming on, simply slick on the button below.

What to try to fix the power problem yourself?

Take a look at the video below, this video on YouTube is a non-technical video of things you can try to fix the problem where your PS4 is not coming on at all.

This video shows you things you can try, without opening the PS4 itself.

What not to do when your PS4 is not coming on at all!

There are posts telling you to do stuff to get your PS4 to power us again, the people writing these posts obviously don’t do repairs to gaming consoles, and are just seeking readers and trying to make money off ads on their websites!

  1. There’s a post telling you to hit your PS4 console, and this might help it to come back on again? DON’T do this, you will damage the hard drive, and then you will lose all the data on it, and you will need to pay for a new hard drive now too!
  2. The nest one is to blow the PS4 console with a can of air is the PS4 is not coming on at all, to get rid if the dust? This doesn’t work, it will cause more problems in the long run. If you don’t strip the PS4 down into all the individual pieces and clean them one by one, you will just blow the dust under the chips and into other areas where the dust will create a short and damage your main board itself.
  3. Insert a disc into the PS4? Why would you want to do this, if the disc goes inside the drive, you will not be able to get it back out again?

If your PS4 is not coming on at all and it is still under the 1 year warranty with Sony, you can contact them to get your PS4 swapped out with them for a refurbished one, with a 3 month warranty, Click Here to start the process with Sony.

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