PS4 HDMI port replacement

Can you do a PS4 HDMI port replacement?

If you need a PS4 HDMI port replacement done, either because the HDMI port is lose, or if you look inside the HDMI port, you can see there are pins bent, don’t worry about it, this is a common problem with the PS4 consoles, and can be repaired.

This has been a problem on all the PS4 models, the Original, Slim and Pro.

It looks like it a design flaw on the PS4 consoles, either the pins get pushed inside the PS4 console, or the pins inside the HDMI port get bent upwards.

The problem can be a faulty HDMI cable too, or even if the PS4 is plugged into the TV and the PS4 gets pulled while the HDMI cable is plugged in?

Small accidents like this happen from time to time, but we can repair it for you, and do it quickly, no more waiting weeks for your PS4 HDMI port replacement to get done!

We replace hundreds of HDMI ports on the PS4 consoles every year.

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How do you know if your PS4 HDMI port replacement will fix the problem?

If you plug the PS4 into your TV or screens HDMI port, and you don’t get any picture or it says no signal, this is usually just the PS4’s HDMI port that needs to be replaced.

The other problems you might get is that there is static on the screen, or there is just a black screen, but you can hear there is still sound.

As we also noted before, if you move the HDMI port around slightly, you might notice that it’s lose, please move it if the PS4 is on! it can short out something on the main board itself.

And then again, if you look inside the HDMI port, you might see some bend pins, or that the internal of the HDMI port have been pushed back inside the PS4 itself.

In this picture below, are some examples of PS4 HDMI ports that have been damaged.

PS4 HDMI port replacement bend pins

Can the problem be something else and not the HDMI port?

Unfortunately it can be something other than the HDMI port, but it can also be repaired.

The other common problem, if you see there is no damage to your PS4 HDMI port, is the HDMI IC itself, this IC is situated on the main board itself.

This is a picture of one of the HDMI IC models you get.

Not all PS4 consoles use the same model, the one in the picture can be found in the 3rd generation PS4 Original, the Slim and the Pro models.

This is not something that can be replaced very easily, if you have no experience in replacing items like these on main boards, and you will need to proper equipment to replace it too.

Very few people know how to do it, and usually cause more damage to the main board. 

PS4 HDMI IC Replacement

Please be very careful where your take your PS4 HDMI port replacement repair to be done, we have seen some really bad attempts on these repairs, and then it usually takes hours to fix other peoples repairs that have been badly botched.

Other problems can also be that there are some of the small components you can see in the picture that are faulty and also need to be replaced.

How much will it cost to do a PS4 HDMI port replacement?

The cost to replace the PS4 HDMI port will be R899.00, this includes free collection and delivery back to you again, anywhere in South Africa, or you can come to us directly too.

The PS4 models do use different HDMI ports, but the cost to do a PS4 HDMI replacement is the same for all of them.

You can find our address by clicking here.

Or  do a online collection by clicking here.

How long does a PS4 HDMI port replacement take?

To replace the HDMI port it will take between 1 hour and 7 working days, it all depends on how busy we are at the time, and if we need to collect and deliver back to you again.

If you come directly to us to get the HDMI port replaced, and we need to book it in for a few days, we can also deliver it back to you again, if you can’t come through to collect it again, at no extra cost.

Can you connect a PS4 to a TV without HDMI?

No, the PS4 only comes out with a HDMI port to plug in a HDMI cable to go to your TV.

If your TV itself doesn’t have a HDMI port to plug the PS4 HDMI cable into, you can find converters that you can plug the HDMI cable into and then go to your TV or screen that has some other type of connection, other than HDMI.

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