PS4 HDMI Port Repair

PS4 HDMI Port Repair Gauteng

If you need your PS4 HDMI port repair done and you are in the Gauteng area you can come directly to us, or we can collect the PS4 directly from your work or home address to do the repair.

Collections and deliveries in the Gauteng area are free, anywhere outside of Gauteng area can also be done at a small collection and delivery fee.

How do you know if your PlayStation 4 HDMI port is damaged?

The first way you can see if your PS4’s HDMI port is damaged or might need to be replaced, is if you look inside the HDMI port itself and see any pins that are bent or actual damage.

This picture below gives you some examples:

How Do Your Know If Your PlayStation 4 HDMI Port Is Damaged

There are times that you can’t see any damage as the HDMI ports pins can get pushed in by a faulty HDMI cable or if the HDMI cable is pushed into the HDMI socket at a angle and not straight.

You might not see if the pins are pushed back into the PS4 if you don’t open the PS4 and inspect it.

Please note that we don’t recommend that you open your PS4 to inspect the HDMI port, it’s not easy to disassemble a PS4 console, and you can cause further damage.

In the picture below, the right side HDMI port is good, and the left side is faulty with the pins pushed back into the PS4:

HDMI Port With Pins Pushed In

If you look at the picture closely, you will see the two HDMI ports look different.

When we do the PS4 HDMI port repair or replacement for you, we will replace it for you with the HDMI port on the right, this HDMI port is much better, as the pins can’t be pushed out the back of the port.

Ho much does it cost to replace your PS4 HDMI port?

The cost to replace your PS4’s HDMI port is less that what it costs to buy a new popular PS4 game today, this includes free collection and delivery anywhere in Gauteng.

To get fully automated estimate cost on the repair right now, to select the PS4 model you have below and then follow the steps.

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If you have any other queries about the repair, please Click Here to visit our contact page.

What if my PS4 is under warranty still?

If your PS4 console is under warranty and the HDMI port needs to be replaced, here in South Africa they don’t do repairs at all.

They will swap it out for you with a refurbished PS4 console that comes with a 3 month warranty.

If you don’t want to lose any data on your PS4 console, this is not a good idea, also you won’t know how old the refurbished PS4 is they give you, and what is going to fail very soon on that one?

This is why customers come to us to replace the HDMI port and they don’t lose any data in the process.

But if you want to swap your PS4 for a refurbished one, Click Here to visit their website and see if they can swap your PS4 for a refurbished one and if there are any costs involved?

Could it be something else and not the HDMI port?

If it’s not the HDMI port that is faulty, the other most common problem is the HDMI IC itself that needs to be replaced.

We often get PS4 consoles with HDMI IC’s that are blown, this is either because of lightning or a power surge, this can also be repaired successfully by us.

If the HDMI IC is not blown, the only other thing that can be wrong, is blown components on the HDMI circuit itself, this too can be repaired by us, we just need to trace the circuit and see what components need to be replaced.

This is where Console Service Centre is very different to other repair companies, we actually can do board level repairs and have the experience to do it.



Shaun Potgieter is the owner and founder of Console Service Centre, he loves gaming himself, and started the company to help customers get their gaming consoles repaired, professionally and the most affordable rate.