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PS4 HDMI Port Repair

If your PS4 HDMI port is physically damaged and needs to be replaced we can help you, this is one of the most popular repairs we do on PS4 consoles on a monthly basis.

If your HDMI port on your PS4 console looks like one of these pictures, we will need to replace the HDMI port for you.

There have been times when an HDMI port doesn't look as badly damaged like these pictures, but the port itself has a broken pin on the inside and you can't see any physical damage.

The PS4 HDMI port repair itself doesn't take very long and it can be done within an hour if you come to us directly. Even though it's doesn't take long to replace the HDMI port, please don't just take it to anyone to do for you.

We have received a few PS4's for HDMI port replacements that have been attempted by someone else that was very badly damaged by the person making it much worse.

At times we had to build new connections that were burnt away by the people using to much heat to replace the HDMI port itself. This is not an easy repair to do if you don't have the correct equipment to replace it.

Get your HDMI port replaced by Console Service Centre and you will know that the repair was done professionally. While we replace the HDMI port we will also clean the fan and re-paste the processor for you, free of charge.


How Long Do Repairs Take?

We do repairs quickly!

Repairs generally take an hour or two to do if you come to us directly. If your are further away and we need to do a collection and delivery back to you the repairs can take a day ot two.

In our busy times, like school holidays and December holidays repairs can take between two and seven days, this will depend on the workload at the time.

How Do I Get My Repair To Console Service Centre?

There Are Three Ways To Get Repairs To Us!

  1. The first option is to come to us directly, you can find our address by CLICKING HERE
  2. The second option will be to book a delivery on the Pargo's website, we are also a Pargo point. All you need to do is when you select the destination on there website, choose Console Service Centre. Find one of the 1200 Pargo points in your area here
  3. The third option is for us to collect directly from your with the courier company we use called The Courier Guy. When we collect directly from you, please make sure there is someone at the collection address between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. If there is no one at home during the day, simply use your work address.
Is there a warranty on your repairs?

Warranty On All Repairs

We only use new parts on all our repairs, this gives us the advantage to be able to give you a 3 month warranty on your repair. The warranty cover defective parts, it doesn't cover user damage to the same parts we replaced or acts of God.