PS4 Has No Power At All

PS4 Has No Power At All

If your PS4 has no power at all see why and how you can fix it here

When your PS4 has no power at all, it’s either the power supply that has an error or it’s faulty and will need to be replaced.

In this post I will give you a few tips on how to reset the power supply to see if you can get the power to come back again, if this doesn’t help you might need to replace the power supply itself.

How to reset the power supply on your PS4 if there's no power:

  1. Plug all the cables out of your PS4.
  2. Push the power or eject button and make sure you don’t hear any beeps., if you do keep pushing the buttons until you hear no beeps from the PS4 anymore.
  3. Leave the PS4 with all the cables plugged out for 10 to 15 minutes, this will help the PS4’s power supply discharge.
  4. After 10 to 15 minutes plug everything back in again.
  5. Try switch the PS4 back on and see if it now powers up again.

Why would the power supply reset?

Most power supplies have relays in them that open and close when they get power or when they switching power to a different voltage.

This is why you will hear a clicking sound at times when switching your PS4 console on.

The capacitors keep power charged in them and usually keep the relays held in, by plugging everything out, we trying to discharge these capacitors to release the relays.

I know this is a little technical, so I hope it makes sense.

If the PS4 still doesn't power up try these tips:

  1. Try a complete different plug in the house.
  2. Try a different power adaptor where you plugging the PS4 into.
  3. Try a different power cable that goes from the plug to the PS4 console.

Just another tip when it comes to the power cable for the PS4 console and other gaming consoles too.

They usually come with a 2 pin plug on them, rather get a qualified electrician to cut this plug off and put a proper 3 pin plug on for you.

The 2 pin plugs don’t always make a proper connection and can create a short, I’m sure you have heard that spark before when trying to move a 2 pin plug around when it’s plugged in.

Better Option

3 Pin Plug

Replace This One

2 Pin Plug

What if none of these tips worked?

If none of these tips above worked and you PS4 console is still just dead and has no power at all, you might need to get the power supply replaced.

If your PS4 console comes on and then just goes off again it’s not always the power supply itself, it could actually be the main processor that needs to be re-done.

If you thinking of replacing the power supply yourself.

The first thing you need to do is check the warranty status on your PS4 console, in South Africa the warranty is 1 year, in other countries it might be different.

If you open the PS4 to replace the power supply yourself, you will lose the warranty, Visit Sony support by Clicking Here.

Second, if you ordering a power supply from anywhere, make sure it’s the correct power supply you ordering?

Every PS4 model has 3 different power supplies in them, find your PS4 consoles model number with our guide here.

For example the PS4 Original has 3 different power supply models and so does the PS4 Slim and Pro too.

Then make sure you check the input voltage, in South Africa we have 220v and in other countries they have 110v.

Then the last most important thing is to make 100% sure it’s the power supply, if it’s not you just wasted money on buying a power supply.

Companies won’t credit, refund or exchange a power supply once you bought it, this is just because of the nature of the product.

If your PS4 has no power at all get it repaired professionally.

If you in South Africa, bring your PS4 to us for a free assessment and let’s replace the power supply for you.

If you anywhere else in the world, take it to someone with a good track record to replace it for you. 

VERY Important: Make sure you check the companies Google Reviews before you take it to anyone.

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Shaun Potgieter is the owner and founder of Console Service Centre, he loves gaming himself, and started the company to help customers get their gaming consoles repaired, professionally and the most affordable rate.