It can be a little freaky when your PS4 ejects discs or just comes on by itself at random times.

But believe it or not, it’s very common, and it’s not a ghost in your house 🙂

Both problems are related to your disc drive itself, if the gears inside the disc drive are worn out or they not linking together properly, they can activate the sensors while the PS4 console is off.

When a PS4 console is off and in standby mode, some of the components in the PS4 consoles still have very low power to them.

The drive sensors then think that the PS4 is being operated if the sensors are still in an open position, this then causes the PS4 console to either eject the disc or come on by itself.

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How much will it cost to repair the PS4 self ejecting or coming on problem?

The cost to do the repair will be R760.00 including the parts and the labour, and we can collect and delivery back to you again too.

How long will the repair on the PS4 take?

Repairs take anything from 1 hour to 7 working days, it will all depend on how busy we are at the time you book your PS4 in, and how many other consoles are in the repair queue.

How do I get the PS4 to you?

Come directly to us, find our address and office hours, visit our contact us page here

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