PS4 comes on and goes off again

PS4 comes on then goes off again, reasons why

If your PS4 comes on then goes off again, there could be two very different reasons for this.

The first reason and the most common reason is that the power supply is faulty and will need to be replaced.

The second reason is the main processor itself that needs to be redone, this is also known as the “Blue Light Of Death” or BLOD.

Symptoms if your PS4 power supply is faulty and it just comes on and goes off again

Most of the time the PS4 will come on for a few seconds and then make a clicking sound and then just go straight off again.

If you then try and switch it on straight away again, the PS4 is just dead.

You can then plug the PS4’s power cable out and leave it for a 10 minutes and plug the power cable back in again.

Then try switching it on again, if it then comes on and just goes off again, this is usually the power supply.

Symptoms if your PS4 main processor needs to be redone, if it comes on and just goes off again.

If you switch the PS4 on and it stays on, but then give you no picture on the TV or screen and the power light goes to a blue colour, this is the BLOD problem.

The PS4 might then go off, but usually only after a few minutes after the light has gone to blue.

As you can see from the picture, the main processor has hundreds of little solder balls at the bottom that needs to be redone.

This picture is of a main process on the main board of a PS4 that was done very badly.

So be very aware where you take your PS4, if you have the BLOD problem.

There’s a few very well now repair companies here in the Gauteng area, that claim they have a machine to redo the main processors, and even have photo’s on their website showing them with this machine, and they don’t even really have one.

They just use two paint stripping guns in a cabinet to redo the main processor.

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