PS4 comes on and then turns off again
PS4 Repair Problems

PS4 comes on and then turns off again

When your PS4 comes on and then turns off again, you will often hear a clicking sound just before it goes off.

This is a very common problem on the PS4 consoles, and we repair them very often, the problem can be one of two problems, and both can be repaired.

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Why does my PS4 come on and then goes off again?

The most common problem is the power supply itself that is faulty, but it can also be the main processor itself that’s giving a fault.

If the power supply is faulty.

If the power supply is faulty, you can replace it yourself or just bring it in to our shop so we can swap it our for your quickly.

If you thinking of buying your own power supply and replacing it, read our article about the different PS4 power supplies, Click Here

Different PS4 power supplies

How to diagnose if the PS4 is the power supply that's faulty?

If you switch you press the power button or the eject button ad the PS4 comes on for a few seconds and then turns off again immediately, this is the power supply not holding any power.

You will also very often hear a clicking sound just before it goes off again.

Sometimes when you then press the power or eject button again to switch it on, nothing happens at all, it just stays dead.

Plug the power cable out of the PS4 and leave it for about 10 minutes, then try and switch it on again.

If it then comes on and just goes off again, this is defiantly the power supply itself that will need to be replaced.

If the main processor is faulty on the PS4

If the main processor is faulty and needs to be re-done, the PS4 can also just come on and go off again, but generally, it stays of for a little longer before it just shuts down.

If you had any graphics problems or the PS4 sometimes comes on and stays on but just gives you know picture on the screen and the power light just stays blue, then it’s probably the main processor itself that is faulty.

The main processor has little solder balls under it that make connection to the main board, if any of these little solder balls are cracked or not making a connection with the main board, the PS4 will give you problems.

Here’s a picture of the solder balls under the main processor that has a crack in it:

Cracked Solder Balls

How to repair or redo a PS4 main processor?

To redo the main processor, you will need a BGA rework machine, then you will need to know how to set it up, with the correct heating values from the bottom and also from the top, before preheating the main board for awhile so it doesn’t bend.

Then you will need remove the main processor without damaging the processor or the main board, then you need to correct size soldering balls for the processor your doing, and attach them to the main processor.

After that you will need to place the main processor back on the main board and start up the BGA rework machine with the correct parameters to solder the processor to the main board again.

It’s not easy to redo a main processor, and you really need a lot of experience and a lot of money for a BGA rework machine too.

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Let's help you with the PS4 that comes on and goes off problem.

We have been repairing PS4 consoles for a long time now, and between our technicians, we have more than 25 years experience.

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