PS3 Repairs To All Models

We do PS3 repairs to all PS3 models, the PS3 Original, PS3 Slim and the PS3 Super Slim. We only use quality parts we import ourselves and give a 3 month money back warranty on all our PS3 repairs. Here are just some of the PS3 repairs we do:

  • PS3 not coming on at all and is just dead.
  • PS3 coming on, but then just going off again, also known as the Yellow Light Of Death.
  • PS3 HDMI port damaged and needs replacement.
  • PS3 A/V port damaged.
  • PS3 comes on and stays on, but gives no picture on the TV or screen.
  • PS3 not reading games or discs.
  • PS3 disc drive not taking or ejecting discs.
  • PS3 giving an error code on the screen or TV.
  • PS3 software problems.
  • PS3 not installing update properly.
  • PS3 USB port or ports not working at all.
  • PS3 LAN port not working.
  • PS3 WiFi not working properly.
  • PS3 hard drive replacement.
  • PS3 hard drive upgrades.
  • PS3 yearly service.
  • And much, much more.

How long does a PS3 repair take?

Most PS3 repairs take between 1 hour to 7 working days, it all depends on what needs to be done, and how busy we are?

If you do come directly to us, and we need to keep your PS3 console for a few days to do the repair, we will deliver it back to you for free.

How much do PS3 repairs usually cost?

PS3 repair costs start at R950.00, it will all depend on what needs to be replaced or repaired on your PS3 console, we usually say that 90% of PS3 repairs, cost less than a new popular game today.

Is there a warranty on the PS3 repairs?

Yes definitely, we don’t just do a normal 3 month warranty, we do a 3 month money back warranty.

So if the same problem happens again, and it falls under the warranty terms, we will try do the repair again, if it then can’t be repaired, we will give you the full amount back that your paid for your PS3 repairs.

This means there is no risk to you, and you can take that money and rather buy a newer gaming console or put it towards another PS3.

Bring your PS3 repair directly to us.

If you not to far from us and you have some time on your hands, pop in and come visit us, find our address here

If your PS3 problem is not going to take to long, we can even do it while you wait.

If you need to book it in, we will do the repair in a few days.

We keep all the parts for all the PS3 models in stock, this helps us do the repairs quickly, so you can get back to gaming again.

If you have any questions about your PS3 repairs, you can give is a call on 087 550 2307, and we will help you with your needs.