Let's Get Your PS5 Repairs Done, So You Can Get Back to Gaming Again

We do 80% of PS5 repairs in less than 1 day, or while you wait.

Need PS5 repairs done fast?

Can’t play that favourite PS5 games online with friends or even with family at home, it can be so frustrating.

We get it, your PS5 console is broken, you bored and your family or friends are playing games and you can’t!

We’ve helped over 18 000+ customers with their gaming repairs, since 2011, let’s get you back to playing that favourite game again, online or with friends or family.

Mandy Buytenhuys

What excellent service I received! This company is 100% professional and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Fastest Repair Time In The Industry

So you don’t need to wait weeks for your gaming repair to be done, 80% of repair done in 1 day or even while you wait.

No Upfront Payment, Or Assessment Fees.

In 10 years we have never charged a customer just to assess their console or to give them a quote, and we never will!

Collection and delivery anywhere in SA

We collect and deliver back to you again once the repair is done, anywhere in South Africa.

The Easy PS5 Repair Plan

Step 1

Get a estimate repair cost

Step 2

Drop off, or let's collect

Step 3

We do the PS5 repairs

Step 4

Get back to gaming on your PS5

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PS5 Digital Version Repairs

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Most frequent questions and answers

That’s why we setup the collection and delivery service back to you again, no matter where you are in South Africa.

We are a family run business and have been doing gaming repairs since 2011.

But, don’t take our word for it!

Read our 570+ REAL Google Review by Clicking Here or reading a few below.

Also check out our business on Hellopeter here, or Facebook here.

No, a PS5 controller is never the same again once you opened it, it just doesn’t play the same again.

We don’t repair any accessories, as there are no parts available for them.

If you come directly to us, you can either pay by cash or card, and we also have a link at the bottom of the invoice, where you can pay by card online, that clears on our side immediately.

If you come direct and do a ban transfer, you will need to wait for the payment to clear on our side before you can come and collect your repair.

If we collected from you and we are delivering back to you again, you can either pay with card using the online link at the bottom of the invoice we email you.

Or you can simply do a bank transfer, then as soon as the payment clears on our side, we will send the console out for delivery.

You simply Click Here, to book the collection with our online form.

Then once you let us know the console has been securely packaged in a box so it cannot get damaged while in transport.

We will book the collection with the courier company we use to come and collect the package from you.

This happens weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

Once the repair is done and you make payment, we send it back to you again with the courier company.