PS4 Original Skin Sticker Kit Resident Evil


PS4 Original Skin Sticker Kit Resident Evil

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PS4 Original Skin Sticker Kit


Give your PS4 Original a personalized look with the skin/decal sticker kit.
Four designs to choose from.

The PS4 Original skin sticker kit protects your console from minor scratches while giving it a unique look. Can also be removed easily, without leaving a sticky residue.


New PS4 Original skin sticker kit

High quality, adhesive vinyl precut to fit your PS4 Original console perfectly.

Design: Grand Theft Auto, Manchester United, Need for Speed and Resident Evil

Package Content: PS4 Original skin sticker for the console, and sticker for 2 x controllers.

No Packaging due to bulk shipping but are brand new

Easy installation

How To

Clean your console and controllers first with any cleaner that does not leave any residue.

Heat the sticker for about 30 seconds with a hairdryer (simple trick). The sticker is more manageable.

Simply pull off the paper from sticker, hold firmly and stick on (making sure before hand that sticker is in line). Start from one side to the other while smoothing out any air bubbles by hand or with a vinyl squeegee applicator.

It takes a bit of time but once its done, you'll be amazed on how your console and controllers has been transformed.


PS4 Original


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