PS4 Repair Problems

PS4 Not Reading Games or Discs

If your PS4 is not reading you games or discs you insert, it’s most likely your laser that will need to be replaced. The laser in any gaming consoles only really last between 3 and 5 years, and can easily be replaced and the console will work perfectly again. Get The Repair Cost Here Table…


Online Gaming Store In South Africa

Our new online gaming store in South Africa is now live! Console Service Centre quickly got the reputation of being the best gaming repair company in South Africa on Google Reviews, now we aim to become the fastest growing online gaming store in South Africa too. We import all our gaming accessories and parts directly…

PS4 Repair Problems

PS4 turns on but gives no picture

If your PS4 turns on but gives no picture or even sound on the TV or screen, and the power light is a white colour, this is usually the HDMI circuit that is faulty. Don’t get to worried, this problem can be repaired successfully by us, and will work perfectly after the repair is done….

PS4 Repair Problems

Different PS4 power supplies and models

Many people don’t know this, but every PS4 console could have one of 9 different power supplies in it. The PS4 Original, Slim and Pro could have one of 3 power supplies inside it, every time they made a few changes, they also very often changed the power supply shape or components too. PS4 Original…

PS4 Repair Problems

PS4 not coming on at all, just dead

If your PS4 console is not coming on at all and is just completely dead, this is a very common problem with all the PS4 models. There’s usually two different reasons for this, and one reason is more common that the other. Get The Repair Cost Here Table of Contents Two reasons your PS4 is…