The reason we the highest most rated gaming repair company in SA today, by far!

  • All console repairs come with a 6 month money back warranty
  • We collect and deliver anywhere in South Africa
  • You can also book in directly with us
  • 50% of repairs done while you wait, the other 50% in 24hrs to 4 work days

If you have a PS3 repair, having a reliable PS3 repair service centre that you can count on definitely provides peace of mind. When your PS3 is giving your power problems, software problems, error codes on the screen, or no picture on the TV or screen at all, Console Service Centre has the parts, tools, and experience to get the repair job done right – quickly and hassle-free.

Almost all our PS3 repairs take less than 24 hours. If we need to do fault finding, the repair can take longer.

Repair Costs

Power problemsR580.00 to R850.00
Comes on, gives no picture on the screenR550.00 to R1550.00
Yellow Light Of Death repairR750.00
HDMI port replacementR750.00
Getting hot / Fan loudR750.00
WIFI / LAN / USB ports not workingR550.00 to R1150.00
Software or update problemsR250.00 to R1550.00
Error code on screenR250.00 to R1550.00
Stuck in safe modeR250.00 to R1550.00
Not reading games or discsR875.00
Hangs in gameR875.00 to R1550.00
Hangs in menuR1550.00
Not taking or ejecting discsR750.00 to R950.00
Hard drive upgrade to 1TBR1550.00
Yearly serviceR750.00
Dropped / Fell / Liquid damageR250.00 to R1350.00
Controller repairsR250.00 to R550.00

*All costs above are only final, once we’ve physically inspected the PS3 Original, ourselves*

*Prices can change at anytime, due to exchange rate and fluctuating fuel costs*

*There’s no warranty on controller repairs, due to the nature of them, as they are often dropped and even thrown around at times*

Other problem not listed, give us a call, for support and pricing

087 550 2307

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