Let’s Service Your Console Yearly

Service Your Console Yearly 2

If you don't service your console yearly it's a great risk!

If you don’t service your console yearly you run the risk of:

  • Hard drive failure.
  • Mainboard or power supply components popping.
  • Fan packing up.
  • The laser in the disc drive burning out.
  • And there is a lot more!

All this dust clogged up the heatsink and the fan so the console cannot cool down.

If it cannot cool down everything inside the consoles starts overheating, and electronics don’t like heat.

You need to bring your gaming console to us at least once a year for a proper full service.

In the full service, we service the whole console, including the disc drive and re-paste the main processor too.

Service Your Console Yearly

All the dust also causes static inside the console and between it’s components, and when there’s static there’s a very good chance of components shorting out inside the console.

So service your console with us once a year and reduce down time so you can enjoy playing your favorite games non-stop.

Call us now on 087 550 2307 so we can make arrangements for you.

To get a estimate cost of the full service on your gaming console, Click Here, it’s fully automated.

Service Your Console Yearly 2


Shaun Potgieter is the owner and founder of Console Service Centre, he loves gaming himself, and started the company to help customers get their gaming consoles repaired, professionally and the most affordable rate.