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Is Your PS4 Not Turning On? Here’s What You Need to Know

How to Troubleshoot a Dead PS4

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A dead PlayStation 4 is a gamer’s nightmare.

One minute you’re prepping for an epic raid, the next you’re staring at a blank screen. That sinking feeling in your stomach— we understand.

Before you throw in the towel (or controller!), try these steps. If none of these DIY tips do the trick, it’s time to consider professional repair options.

Repair Costs – Know Before You Go

Unexpected repair costs can be a source of stress for many.

Understanding the potential expenses involved in fixing a PS4 that won’t power on is crucial before you seek repair services.

At Console Service Centre, we aim to provide you with a clear picture of what to expect in terms of repair costs, offering transparency and helping you make informed decisions.

  • General Repair Costs: The cost for repairs typically ranges from R850.00 to R2600.00, influenced by the nature of the fault.

  • Model Variations: The specific model of your PS4 (Original, Slim, or Pro) and the particular component needing replacement are significant factors that determine the overall cost.

To further clarify, here are specific scenarios and their associated costs:

PS4 Power Supply Replacement:

  • PS4 Original Power Supply Cost: R1570.00
  • PS4 Slim Power Supply Cost: R1650.00
  • PS4 Pro Power Supply Cost: R2395.00

PS4 South Bridge Chip Replacment:

  • Repair costs for a faulty South Bridge Chip range between R1950.00 and R2600.00, depending on the model of the South Bridge your PS4 utilizes.

PS4 Main Board Repairs:

  • If the main board requires repairs, costs can vary from R850.00 to R1800.00, contingent upon the specific components that are faulty and need replacement.


Factors Influencing Repair Costs:

  • PS4 Model: Different PS4 models may have varying costs for parts, reflecting in the final repair estimate.
  • Type of Fault: The nature of the issue, be it a power supply problem, South Bridge Chip fault, or a main board issue, significantly affects the cost.
  • Component Replacement: The price of replacement parts varies, influencing the overall estimate

At Console Service Centre, we strive to eliminate the guesswork associated with repair costs.

By offering a detailed breakdown and explanation of potential expenses, we help you prepare for any necessary repairs with greater ease and confidence.

All prices above are only and estimate, we need to phisically inspect the PS4 console to give you and official estimate.

A detailed illustration of a PlayStation 4 console with a red light indicating a power issue, set in a dark room to emphasize the problem.

Common Causes of PS4 Power Problems

  • Power Supply Failure: Your PS4’s power supply could be faulty or damaged, a common issue we regularly resolve at Console Service Centre.
  • Overheating: Dust build-up can lead to overheating, causing unexpected shutdowns. Have you performed basic PS4 cleaning recently?
  • Software Glitches: While rarer, sometimes software bugs can interfere with powering up. Trying Safe Mode resets is worth a shot.
  • Other Internal Issues: Motherboard damage, broken components… professional diagnostic tools are key here!

Troubleshooting: Things to Try at Home

When your PS4 acts like it has no power whatsoever, here’s where you should start:

  • The “Hard Reset”: Unplug your PS4 from the wall outlet and wait for at least 15 minutes. This clears any temporary glitches that might be holding the system hostage. After waiting, plug your console back in and give it another try.

  • Cable Swap: Inspect your power cable closely for any obvious damage like frays or kinks. If possible, try a different power cable compatible with your PS4 model to rule out a faulty one.

  • Outlet Check: Make sure the power outlet you’re using is actually working. Plug another electronic device in to test it out. It’s best to plug your PS4 directly into the wall rather than a power strip, in case the strip itself is the problem.

Still No Luck? Time to Call the Pros

If these at-home troubleshooting tips don’t resurrect your PS4, don’t worry!

That’s where skilled technicians like those at Console Service Centre step in.

When Self-Help Isn't Enough: Why Choose Professional Repair

If your PS4 remains stubbornly unresponsive after troubleshooting, there’s a good chance the problem lies within the console itself.

Here’s why entrusting experienced technicians makes sense:

  • Pinpointing the Culprit: Technicians can diagnose the root cause of your PS4’s power troubles. It could be a blown power supply, damaged circuitry, or other internal component failure.

  • Quality Parts and Proper Tools: Professionals source reliable replacement parts and have the equipment needed for safe and effective repairs. Avoid risking further damage (and wasted money!) with questionable DIY fixes.

  • Peace of Mind Guarantee: At Console Service Centre, we stand behind our work and quality parts we use with a 6-month money-back warranty and a 7-day satisfaction guarantee (T&Cs apply). This gives you the assurance of knowing your investment in repair is protected.

A conceptual image of a PlayStation 4 console surrounded by various tools (screwdrivers, multimeter) and parts laid out on a workbench

Getting Your PS4 into Expert Hands

You’ve tried the fixes, and now you’re ready to see your PS4 restored to its former glory.

Console Service Centre makes the process smooth and convenient:

  • Free Collection and Delivery: Let us come to you! We offer a free collection and delivery service anywhere in South Africa with the courier company we use, (T&Cs apply).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Secure Packaging: Pack your PS4 in its original box if possible, otherwise a sturdy box with ample padding, so it can’t get damaged during transport.
  • The courier only works on weekdays.
  • They will collect between 8am and 5pm, please make sure is someone is available at this address during these hours.

Come directly to us:

  • Drop-Off Option: If you prefer, bring your PS4 directly to our repair center at 6 Bester Street, Witfield, Boksburg. Be sure to check our current office hours beforehand.

  • Clear Communication: No matter which method you choose, we’ll keep you informed about the status of your repair every step of the way.

Questions? Check out our Collection and Delivery FAQs: for more details!


  • My PS4 won’t turn on at all. Does this definitely mean it needs professional repair? While there’s always a chance you could troubleshoot the issue at home, a completely unresponsive PS4 often indicates an internal hardware problem. This requires the diagnostic tools and expertise of a repair technician.

  • What if I try the troubleshooting tips and they still don’t work? That’s completely okay! The provided tips cover the most common, easy-to-fix causes. If your PS4 remains dead, Console Service Centre is here to help you get to the bottom of the problem.

  • How long does a PS4 power issue repair typically take? We prioritize a fast turnaround. In most cases, these repairs are completed in 1-3 days. Busy periods (like school holidays) and certain situations where fault-finding is more complex could increase the timeline to 3-7 working days.

  • How does the collection and delivery process work? Start by taking a look at our Collection and Delivery FAQ page, by Clicking Here for complete details. Once you ready click on the click on the Book The Collection Here button to fill in the online collection form.

  • Does Console Service Centre offer any warranties on repairs? Absolutely! We offer a 6-month money-back warranty and a 7-day satisfaction guarantee (T&Cs apply), assuring you of the quality of our workmanship.

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