How much does it cost to repair a PS4

The cost to repair your PS4 console will all depend on what model you have and what needs to be replaced or repaired.

The cost to repair all the PS4 models, will generally be between R600.00 and R1595.00, including the parts and labour.

Your PS4 console can also be collected from you and delivered back to you again for a small fee, making it even easier to get your PS4 console repaired professionally.

Many PS4 repair shops will offer to do repairs at meagre prices, but they will not give you a warranty on the repair and they will often use used parts, that will only last a few weeks or a month or two.

There are very few companies that import their own parts, so they strip other customers consoles to do repairs.

It is like robbing Peter to pay Paul, be cautious that your PS4 console does not get stripped to repair someone else s PS4 console.

Don’t be a victim of these companies, ensure that you check the PS4 repair shops online reviews, before you do business with them.

Some companies also ask you to put down a deposit just to do an assessment or to see what is wrong with your PS4 console, which usually ranges from R150.00 to R450.00.

This is illegal when it comes to the new consumer protection act, so if a company asks you for a quote or assessment fee, upfront, this is a major red flag, rather get your PS4 repaired by us, we will get you gaming again.

We really know how to do PS4 repairs, and how to treat our customers, we don’t have more than 460 reviews on Google for nothing.

You get a 3 month money back warranty, so if you had to come back within 3 months for the exact same problem, and it can’t be repaired!

You will get the money back you paid for the initial repair, no questions asked.

We take all the risk out of doing your PS4 repairs with us, there should never be any risk to you!

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