Free Estimate While You Wait!

We’ll give you and estimate via email or while you wait.

Fill in the form below to get a free estimate to do your repair or come to our shop directly, to get a free estimate while you wait.

With some machines we might need to book it in and do a proper assessment before we can give you a proper estimate, this can take between 1 day and a month depending on the problem and if we need to order parts we don’t keep in stock.

If you are a retail customer you will not pay for an official estimate, if you are a repair company we charge a R250.00 bench fee before we will start looking at the console for repairs.

Other repair companies have fired their technicians or don’t want to employ their technicians to do their own gaming repairs and have abused our services, so we have now been forced to change our policy for other repair companies.

Please Note: If you or another repair company has tried to repair your gaming console before you bring it in our send it to us, contact us first as the free estimate may not apply. We may be able to help you regardless.