Frequently Asked Gaming Repair Questions

How long do gaming repairs take?

Our gaming repairs usually take between 1 hour and 7 working days, it all depends on how busy we are, and what needs to be done?

The same part has become faulty again under the warranty, what do I do now?

In the unlikely event that you gaming repair gives you a problem again, let us know. Then simply drop it off with us again, or once you let us know, we can collect it again.

If for some reason it can’t be repaired again, you will get a full refund.

Do you charge for collection and delivery?

No, collection and delivery is free anywhere in South Africa. We only charge for collection and delivery, if your gaming repairs are not successful or if you don’t go ahead with the repairs.

How should I package my Gaming repair for collection?

If we collecting and delivering your gaming repairs back to you again, please make sure it’s wrapped and cushioned and then put in a box.

If it’s not in a box, the courier company will not take the gaming console from you.

When do I make payment?

You only need to do payment once we received the gaming console, and you accepted the official estimate we sent you.

If you come directly to us and you don’t want to go ahead, simply collect your console again. If we collected, just pay the collection and delivery, and we will send it back to you again.

How do I do payment?

If you come directly to us, you can either do payment via card or cash, when you come to collect.

If you do a bank transfer, please allow 1 to 3 days for payment to clear on our side, before you come and collect.

If we collect and deliver back to you, we will send you and invoice with our banking details, so you can simply just do a bank transfer.

Do You Repair Controllers?

We don’t repair controllers or accessories, if you want to buy controller parts or another controller, please visit our online shop page by Clicking Here

When Does The Courier Collect?

The courier only does collection and deliveries, from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm,

They don’t collect weekends or on public holidays.

How do I book A Collection?

To book a collection, simply go to our online booking page, by Clicking Here

How Can I Check My Repair Status?

To check your repair status once you console has been booked in with us. Click Here