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Free Collection and Delivery Service For All Your Gaming Console Repairs

Our Free Collection and Delivery Service

We offer a straightforward collection and delivery service for your gaming console repairs.

What we provide:

  1. Pickup: Schedule a collection through our online form.
  2. Repair: We’ll fix your console and keep you updated.
  3. Delivery: Receive your repaired console back, ready for more gaming.

Comprehensive FAQs About Collection And Delivery

We’ve compiled a detailed list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand our services better:

Service Overview

Q: Who handles the collection and delivery of my console?
A: A reputable courier company manages the collection and delivery of your console.

Q: What types of repairs do you handle?
A: We address a range of issues, including hardware and software malfunctions. Details of our services can be found Here.

Q: How long does the repair process typically take?
A: Most repairs are completed within 1 hour to 3 work days. However, during school holidays, repairs may take longer.

Booking and Courier Information

Q: How do I arrange for my console to be collected?
A: Book the collection by filling out our online collection form here. We’ll email you the next steps.

Q: Do I need to package my console for courier collection?
A: Yes, please securely package your console to prevent damage during transport.

Q: When do couriers operate for collection and delivery?
A: Couriers typically operate on weekdays, 8am to 5pm. They generally don’t work on weekends or public holidays, with some exceptions during busy periods like December.

Q: Can I specify a collection or delivery time?
A: We cannot specify exact collection or delivery times as this is managed by the courier company.

Fees, Payments, and Courier Limitations

Q: What is the bench fee and when is it applicable?
A: A bench fee of R250.00 is charged for unsuccessful repairs or declined estimates.

Q: How and when do I pay for the repair service?
A: Payment is required once the repair is complete, before the console is delivered back. We accept bank transfers or online card payments.

Q: Are there limitations on the size or weight of the console for courier service?
A: Yes. Packages should not exceed 40cm x 30cm x 30cm. Additional charges may apply for larger or heavier consoles. Contact us here for guidelines.

After Service

Q: What warranty do you offer on repairs?
A: We provide a 6-month money-back warranty on our repairs, subject to T&C’s.

Q: What happens if my console is deemed unrepairable?
A: We’ll inform you, and only charge the bench fee, collection, and delivery. Alternatively, we can recycle the console safely at no charge and we will also wavier the collection and bench fee.

Q: Can I cancel the service after the console has been collected?
A: Cancellations are possible, but the bench fee and courier costs will apply.

Additional Questions

Q: What should I do if there’s an issue after the repair?
A: Immediately contact us. We’ll address any post-repair concerns under our warranty terms.

Q: Are there any models or brands you don’t repair?
A: We repair models listed on our Services Page.

Q: How do I prepare my console for pickup?
A: Turn off the console, unplug all cables, and securely package it. Send only the console unit, unless instructed otherwise.

Q: Do I receive a repair estimate before work begins?
A: Yes, we provide a detailed estimate for approval before starting repairs.

Q: Is data on my console safe during repairs?
A: If the hard drive needs to be replaced, or the software is corrupt, you will lose all the data on the console, but this can always be donloaded again once you sign back into you online account again. We prioritize data safety but recommend backing up data as a precaution.

Q: Can I track the courier for collection and delivery?
A: Courier tracking can be done with the copy of the waybill the couriers companies driver gives you as proof that they collected it from you.

Q: What if I’m not home during the scheduled courier time?
A: Inform us or the courier company in advance to reschedule. Unattended pickups/deliveries may incur extra charges.

Terms and Conditions

  • Bench Fee: R250.00 for unsuccessful or declined repairs.
  • Courier Schedule: Weekdays, 8am to 5pm, except on public holidays, with occasional weekend service.
  • Responsibility: We or our courier partner are not liable for courier-related delays, damage, or loss during transport.

Delivery and Contact Information

  • Delivery Options: Post-repair, the courier returns your console. Alternatively, drop it off at our office.
  • Contact Us: For additional queries, contact us here.

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