If your PS4 console is just dead, and doesn’t respond when you press the power or eject button, or it just comes on and goes off again, try these steps to see if it comes right.

These steps are intended to try get your PS4 up and running, without opening the PS4 itself.

Step 1

Plug out all cables from the PS4 console, then leave it for 20 minutes and then plug everything back in again, and try switch the PS4 on again.

This will give the power supply chance to reset and discharge.

Step 2

If step 1 didn’t work, try a different plug point in your house, you don’t need to plug in all the cables or plug the PS4 into a TV, just plug in the power cable, and press either the eject or power button to see if it gives you a beep.

If your PS4 power cable has a 2 pin plug on it, also remember to try another 2 pin adapter, the one you currently have could also be faulty.

Step 3

If the steps above didn’t work, try a new power cable, this is the one that goes from your plug point to your PS4, if you have a similar one in your home, that works on another appliance, you can try that one.

Any power cable that can plug into the back of your PS4 that looks the same will work.

You will either have, what we call a kettle plug, or a figure 8 plug that goes into the PS4, it all depends on what PS4 model you have?

See images below:

Figure 8 Plug
Figure 8 Plug
Kettle Plug
Kettle Plug

None of the above worked?

If none of the options above has worked, then it could be one of two problems?

Either the power supply is faulty and will need to be replaced, or there’s components blown on the mother board.

Both can be replaced, or repaired, to get your PS4 to power up again.

See our PS4 power problem repair prices here

Please don’t try and open your PS4’s power supply, they carry 400 volts and can shock you and burn you.

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