PS4 Slim Model Number

This guide shows you where to find your PS4 Model Number

Find your PS4 Original Model Number Here

PS4 Original Model Number

As you can see the model number starts with CUH- and four numbers after the CUH-.

Remember there are a few different model numbers on the PS4 Original so they won’t all start with a 100#, they might start with a 111# or even a 12## number too.

The parts inside each model are different and not always interchangeable, even the covers are different on some of the PS4 Original models too.

Find Your PS4 Slim Model Number

PS4 Slim Model Number

Just like on the PS4 Original, the Slim’s model number also starts with CUH- and then either 20## or 21##.

Again on the PS4 Slim models there are some parts that are different and not interchangeable between model numbers.

Find your PS4 Pro Model Number

PS4 Pro Model Number

Again as you see in the above pictures the model number on the PS4 Pro consoles also start with CUH- and then either 70##, 71## and 72##.

Again not all parts are interchangeable in the different models.


Make sure when you buying any parts or looking up any info for your PS4 console, that you make sure it’s for your specific model.

When buying parts for your PS4 console they not refundable due to the nature of the parts, so make sure you get the correct parts for your PS4 model.

Hope this info helped.

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