Do you need PlayStation repairs done on your PS4 or PS3 console?

Bring your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 repairs to us, and we will get it up and running for you again.

All our PlayStation parts are imported by us, thus giving you the best price possible for your PlayStation repairs.

How long does PlayStation repairs take?

80% of our PlayStation repairs can be done within 1hr, if we don’t need to do fault finding or strip down the PlayStation completely to do the repair.

During our peak seasons, the repair can also take a little longer on your PlayStation, but we try and get it repaired with in 5 working days.

If you book your PlayStation in with us and we can’t do the repair within an hour, we can also arrange a delivery back to you again for free, if the repair is successful and you do go ahead with the repair.

How much do PlayStation repairs cost?

PlayStation repair costs start at R760.00, it all depends on what PlayStation model you have, and what type of repair needs to be done on your PlayStation console.

Some parts in the PlayStation consoles cost more than others, this is why the repairs on PlayStation consoles can be different.

PlayStation 4 Repairs
PlayStation 3 Repairs

Bring your PlayStation repair direct or let’s collect it from you

If you want to bring your PlayStation to us directly for the repair, you can come in anytime during our office our, you can find our address and office hours on our contact us page, with a map to see how far we are from you.

If you can’t come directly to us to bring in your PlayStation repair, simply book a free collection and delivery back to you again, on our online collection page that can be found by Clicking Here

The only time we charge for collection and delivery back to you again, is if the PlayStation can’t be repaired at all, or if you don’t go ahead with the repair.

Do you charge a quote fee on PlayStation repairs?

No, unlike other gaming repair companies that charge you for doing a quote, assessment or book in fee, Console Service Centre has never charged such fees, since 2011 and never will!

This is unethical and in some ways even illegal, when you read the new consumer act.

All our quotes are totally free, if you come in direct and don’t want go ahead with your PlayStation repair, you simply come and collect it again.

If we collected your PlayStation from you, we will just ask you to cover the courier costs to collect and deliver it back to you again.

Does your PlayStation repairs come with a warranty?

Our PlayStation repairs come with a 3 month money back warranty, not just a normal warranty like other will offer you.

So in the unlikely event that your PlayStation gives you the same problem that we repaired again, and we try and repair it again and it can’t be repaired, we will give you a full refund on the repair costs.

We do this so you can take the money you paid for the PlayStation repair we give back to you, and rather put that towards a new PlayStation gaming console.

There is no risk to you when doing your PlayStation repairs with Console Service Centre.

What if my PlayStation is still under warranty?

If your PlayStation is still under the 1 year warranty and you want to get the repair done with PlayStation themselves, it won’t be possible for them to repair your current PlayStation console.

PlayStation doesn’t do repairs here in South Africa, they will however swap it our for you with a refurbished PlayStation console, with a new 3 month warranty.

To start the warranty process with PlayStation, click here to visit there website.

Just keep in mind, you will lose anything that is on your hard drive as you will not be able to just swap out hard drive.

Also, remove your hard drive and format it before taking your PlayStation to them, especially if you have any sensitive information on that hard drive, like banking or card details.

Select your PlayStation below to see the repair costs

PlayStation 4 Original Repair
PlayStation 4 Original Repairs
PlayStation 4 Slim Repairs
PlayStation 4 Slim Repairs
PlayStation 4 Pro repairs
PlayStation 4 Pro Repairs
PlayStation 3 Repairs
PlayStation 3 Original Repairs
PlayStation 3 Repairs
PlayStation 3 Slim Repairs
PlayStation 3 Super Slim Repairs

If you have any queries about your PlayStation repair, please give us a call on 087 550 2307

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