If you need a car key fob repair done, as it just stopped working, we can help you out.

We don’t do repairs to the casing itself, but we can re-solder items or replace components in the key fob if the problem in on the little main board itself.

We rather do car key fob repairs for customers, as new key fobs can cost upto R9000.00.

Here’s just a few car key fob repairs we do:

  • Pressing the button gives no lights
  • Liquid damage
  • Not working after it was dropped
  • And much more.

How much does a car key fob repair cost?

Repairs on car key fobs cost between R380.00 and R1200.00, it all depends on what car key fob it is, and what needs to be replaced inside the key ob itself?

How long does a car key fob repair take?

To do the repair on a car key fob, generally takes from 1 to 7 working days, it all depends on what needs to be repaired, if we have stock on items that need to be replaced, and how busy we are at the time of booking the fob in.

Do I get a warranty on my key fob repair?

Yes we give a 6 month money back warranty on all our car key fob repairs, why should we keep your money, if we did the repair and it’s still not working as it should?

Can I do a insurance claim on my car key fob repair?

You can speak to your insurance company first, let them know that your cars key fob needs to be repaired, and ask if they will cover the costs of the repair itself?

If they do and the excess amount you need to pay is less that the repair, then I would say, let them pay for the key fob repair.

Can you collect my car key fob repair from me?

Yes we can, simply Click Here to book a collection from you.

If you have two car key fobs for the same vehicle that don’t work, please send both of them to us, if we can’t get the one working, we might be able to use parts from the other one to get one of them up and running for you.

Let’s get you back in your can again and driving again, call us on 087 550 2307 for all your car key fob repairs, Today!

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