Can a PS4 Console be repaired

Yes, all PS4 models can be repaired, the PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim and the first PS4 Original too. The repair costs will just be different, depending on your PS4 model and the repair problem.

When customers ask us, Can a PS4 console be repaired? we usually tell them that any problem on a PS4 console can be repaired, it just depends on how much the repair will end up costing?

It makes no sense spending more than 30% of the value of the PS4 console, if the cost is more than 30% of a new one, it might be time to replace the PS4 console with a new one, or a newer model.

PS4 repairs usually cost between R600.00 and R1600.00, dependant on the problem and the model of the PS4 console.

Parts or repairs to the PS4 Pro console usually cost a more than the repair to the PS4 Slim model or the first generation PS4 original models.

But the simple answer to can a PS4 console be repaired is, yes.

All all depends on how much you would be willing to spend to get your PS4 console up and running again.

To get an automated estimate on your PS4 repair, select your PS4 model by clicking on the button below.

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