We do broken USB data recovery, if you either dropped your USB stick, and it broke, or you put your laptop in your back and broke your USB stick by mistake, we can help.

There is probably very important data on that broken USB thumb drive and you need the data!

How much will the broken USB data recovery cost?

The costs to do broken USB data recovery will be between R650.00 and R1500.00, it all depends if we can fix your current USB stick and just pull the data of it and load it on a new one again.

Or if we need to transplant your USB sticks parts to a new USB stick and then try and do the data recovery?

Can you collect my broken USB stick and delivery it back?

Yes we can, simply Click Here to book a collection from either you work or home address, and we will arrange everything from our side.

Other info

If you have the same type on USB stick as the one that’s damaged, with no important data on it, but it’s the same brand and size, please send it with, we will then have a higher success rate of recovering your data from the broken USB stick.

Call us today, and let’s see how we can help get your data back of your broken USB stick, Tel 087 550 2307

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