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Here's a little about Console service Centre and how it started and why?

Console Service Centre was founded in 2011 by Shaun Potgieter

And has quickly become the biggest most reviewed gaming repair company on Google Reviews, in South Africa.

Shaun started Console Service Centre because he couldn't find a gaming repair company that could repair his own gaming console.

Sure there were a lot of companies around, but some of them didn't look like they knew what they were doing, or they were a fridge, TV and radio repair company.

This is where he saw the need to start a company that specializes in gaming repairs only.

But this wasn't all, he wanted to start a gaming repair company that would have the highest standard in service and the best price possible for professional repairs.

Today the review we get on Google tell us that we have achieved just that.

We let customers know what's happening with their repair every step of the way, so our customers aren't frustrated not knowing what's happening.

We are fast, unlike some companies that can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 8 months.

We look after your gaming items as if it were our own.

And one of the main things that Shaun has always believed in from the beginning, is that a repair should look better than when we received it!

All these things are a must for all employees that work for Console Service Centre, there are no shortcuts!

Shaun has made it a point for every employee works here, that they should do everyday with pride.

No Picture On The Screen
Not Taking Or Ejecting Discs 1-min
HDMI Port Damaged 1-min
Not Reading Games Or Discs 1-min

Honest and professional gaming repairs

The customer is always right, because they pay your salary.

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