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About Console Service Centre

Who We Are, What We Do, and Why We Do It

Our Mission

At Console Service Centre, our playbook is clear and caring.

We’re in the business of reviving gaming consoles for gamers, parents, insurance companies, and other repair outfits.

Every console that lands in our lab gets the royal treatment, ensuring when it returns to you, it’s not just fixed, it’s better than before.

We exclusively use top-tier parts, which we import ourselves, to make sure your gaming saga continues smoothly.

You’re In the Right Place If…

Your gaming console has decided to take an unscheduled nap and you’re missing out on your gaming escapades.

We’re here to get your digital buddy back in action!

What We Do

At Console Service Centre, we roll up our sleeves to mend PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series gaming consoles, especially the ones that have tiptoed past their 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We’re not just your regular fixer-uppers; we’re your gaming console’s best friend, ensuring it gets back to you in tip-top shape, ready to transport you to your favourite gaming worlds.

Our doors are always open to gamers in distress.

Whether your console has a minor hiccup or a major meltdown, we have the right magic (and tools) to get it back on its feet.

With us, your gaming console is in safe hands, ready to be nursed back to health.

Our Story

Kicking off in 2011, Console Service Centre has levelled up to become the highest-rated gaming console repair company in South Africa.

With a high score of over 885 gleaming reviews on Google, our workshop has become the favourite pit stop for gamers, all over South Africa.

Our game has been strong and improving, thanks to an investment of over R100,000 in state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

This saga is about providing a trustworthy haven where every gaming console receives the attention and repair it deserves, ensuring the gaming adventures continue unabated.

We Do Things Different

6-Month Money Back Warranty

We’re all about scoring points in trust and quality.

Our 6-month money-back warranty is our way of saying, we’ve got your back while you have your game on!

7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Your joy is our leaderboard score. If anything is off-key within the first 7 days post-repair, we’re here to hit the right notes.

Your satisfaction is the real victory.

Free Automated Online Estimate

No surprises, just solutions. Our free automated online estimate gives you a heads-up on the repair cost.

Plus, with our free collection and delivery across South Africa, we’re making sure getting your console fixed is a walk in the park.

Pic of Shaun Potgieter, owner and founder of Console Service Centre

Meet Shaun Potgieter

Shaun Potgieter, the skipper at Console Service Centre, boasts a rich legacy of 12 years in the gaming console repair realm.

His odyssey began with a vision: to forge a reliable and professional repair sanctuary for every gamer, in South Africa.

With a toolkit worth over R100,000, Shaun and his team is not just fixing consoles; they fulfilling promises.

Their endeavour for offering a real, tangible warranty has turned Console Service Centre into a powerhouse where gaming consoles come to regain their zest.

Ready for Round Two?

Don’t let a faulty console put your gaming on freeze.

Snag a free automated estimate to repair your gaming consoles, available round the clock.

Your ticket back to gaming glory is just a click away!

Why Choose Us

Fast Repairs

90% of repairs completed within 1 hour to 3 working days.

6-Month Warranty

Peace of mind with our money-back guarantee.


Free collection and delivery services.


Savings on multiple repairs or consoles.

What Our Customer Say About Us

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Based on 1,084 Reviews
Ockert Botha
Rated 5.0

Brilliant service and attention to detail, could save the unsaveable

Remon Hartzenberg
Rated 5.0

These guys know what they're doing. The entire process was simple and clear. My Console was repaired within a day of it being picked up from my home and I recieved it back quicker than I could say "damn I miss my Playstation." Would highly recommend them for all your console needs.

lewellyn moolman
Rated 5.0

I am impressed with their awesome service. Easy online bookings, invoicing and you are kept informed of the process regularly. Fast courier collection and fast repaor rate. Thanks for repairing my PS5.

Rated 4.0

Very professional and efficient services. I requested a pickup on Friday and received the console back on Thursday the following week. The console went from a dusty mess to looking brand spanking new and even performing better than when i got it. My only complaint was that their website being very buggy. I couldn't set a password and when i requested a password change via the website many times it wouldn't send the email to set the password. I'll definitely use their services again in the future.

Pieter Haward

First time using csc and the team got my ps5 fixed in 2 days super happy client..staff is really friendly even though i phoned alot and had alot of questions.sest company to send your console to in SA

Kobus Botes
Rated 4.0

Rudi was very helpful & he even explained the whole process of cleaning/servicing of an Xbox console to us. Failed hard drive on my son's Xbox One S replaced in 3 business days. Very happy with their service!

Let's Get You Gaming Again!

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We will be closed for the Easter Long Weekend.

We close on Thursday at 4pm on the 28 March 2024 and only open again the Tuesday at 9am on the 2nd of April.