Xbox 360 Repair

Xbox 360 repair done for you and we can collect and deliver back to you as good as new again.

No more struggling to find someone to do your Xbox repair, we can do it for you professionally.

Xbox 360 Repair Problems We Can Help You With:

  • Not reading games or discs.
  • CD/DVD drive getting stuck and not ejecting or closing properly.
  • When a game is put into the Xbox 360 It still says Open Tray.
  • Error on the screen.
  • Red light at the power button.
  • Red Ring of Death.
  • Red Dot of Death.
  • Hard Drive problems.
  • No power at all, just dead.
  • And much, much more.

We bring in our own parts to do your Xbox 360 repair, this way we can keep the costs down on the repair and give you a warranty on the parts and our workmanship.

We can also help you get your Xbox 360 repaired no matter there you are in South Africa, we will collect and delivery your Xbox 360 back to your home or office address. All you need to do is package it securely and we will send someone to collect it from you.

We repair all Xbox 360 models, from the older Xbox 360 white or black one to the Xbox 360 Slim and the Xbox 360 Slim E. We still import all the parts for them.

If you have a gaming repair and it’s still within its 1-year warranty from when you bought it on your receipt, please contact the warranty agents to get it repaired under warranty.

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